Magic crate Review: A box full of fun + learning

Do you struggle keeping your child engaged without any screen time?      Yeah, me too!

This is the major concern of parents these days. And for moms like me who are terrible at Diy and crafts, it becomes all the more difficult.

The idea is not to just keep Pearl away from TV or phone but to engage her in a way that enhances her cognitive skills and imagination. So I heavily depend on:

  • Independent play
  • Story telling
  • Monthly subscription activity boxes

magic crate box review

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Recently Magic crate: One such subscription service sent me their Animal themed activity box.

The first thing that I noticed on opening the box was that apart from the inner packaging and the ball, all the other pieces in it were made of wood. This instantly made me happy.  Although I would have loved it if they were packed ethically too.

Now coming to the insides of the box, it had 3 (1 piece) puzzles and a book.

The thing that makes it unique is that each puzzle had different theme and had something to learn from besides shape recognition.

The first puzzle was based on the popular rhyme “Old Mc Donald had a farm”…. and remember Pearl’s obsession about it?? So yeah she was extremely happy solving the farm animals puzzle.


The other  one had a few animals that she needed to place according to the shapes. But also each animal could be fixed into a stand (already included in the box) to become a bowling pin!!


Pearl and I had a blast playing bowling with these cool animal pins.

The third puzzle had three food items in it. Also provided were three animal puppets and she had to feed the animals with their respective choice of food.



What I loved about this animal themed magic crate box was that it had things that kept Pearl engaged not just mentally but physically as well. While she learnt about various animals, their sounds and food, she also had a lot of fun playing bowling. And the book that came with it is now a part of our daily bedtime routine.

For a Rs.1000/- box, it may seem pricey at first but come to think of it, how much do we spend on our kid’s toys monthly? You do the math. For details and subscription checkout their website here.

Tell me mom and dads, what do you do to keep your child engaged indoors?

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—————————————————————————————————————————-* This is a sponsored post for magic crate but the opinions are my own- honest and from the heart. 



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