Hi, I am Sweety Pateliya- The Chinks in Chinks’ Lounge. I am an engineer by degree but I like to call myself a Blogger by choice.

Here you will find my experiences, struggles, rewards, the good, bad and the ugly side of motherhood while raising my two little warrior princesses Pearl and Panache.

Sometimes you may find sponsored posts and reviews here. But I collaborate only with brands whose products/services I have personally used and liked. So be assured, my opinions on such brands would be honest and genuine.

What you won’t find here is tips and tricks for your parenting problems. Because every child is different and there is no one fit all solution for it. But we can definitely learn through other people’s experiences so that we can make an informed decision in our parenting journey.

So read along, let’s rock this thing called Parenting!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. The two thing that you love,one of them is common to every female and as for your writing goes,read 2-3 of your post and it really reflects that you love writing..Happy Writing and Shopping.. 🙂


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