Baby Wearing Experience of a Toddler Mom (+Kolkol Baby Carrier Review)

Baby carriers and baby wearing was never a part of my mom life. I have always been a stroller loving mom and was quite happy with it.

But over time as Pearl grew more independent, I found that taking her out to crowded places, managing her tantrums or even carrying her around in the house while doing chores (because of her unending desire to be attached to my hip all day) it was getting too difficult for me.

Baby wearing was now in the back of my mind as it seemed the only logical way to ease things out. But as many of you toddler moms, I too thought that, that boat has sailed for now. That baby wearing is only for younger babies and there is nothing I can do about it.

That is when India’s one of the leading baby carrier manufacturing company,   KolKol Baby Carrier reached out to me to try out one of their products. Could their timing be any better?! I had my doubts initially of course, but I was thinking about it anyway, Wasn’t I? And if at any point I felt it wasn’t working out for me or for my toddler, I could politely send it back to them, right?

So I just thanked my stars and went for it! And that is how my Baby wearing journey began!!

“I am so glad that I started wearing my toddler. I never felt the need of wearing my baby in her early days. Its the toddlers who are more demanding and make you run after them all the time..”

Initially Pearl was a bit resistant and didn’t want to be carried in it. She would cry the moment I took the carrier out. After all it was a new thing for both of us. After a few failed attempts I was sure this wasn’t for us yet I carried the carrier with me every time we went out. That was just me being over positive!

It was on a hot afternoon at a very crowded market area that we first got to use the Kolkol baby carrier. I was super tired and so was Pearl. I asked if she would like to sit on her new “jhula” (That’s how we made her interested in it in the first place;)) and to my sheer happiness she said yes!;=;]rust me people, I carried her for about an hour that first time and I didn’t feel a thing!! Ne\ther did she complain! In fact she snacked and even took a twenty minutes nap while at it!! That was like a cherry on the cake!!

I still remember the kind of relief I felt being hands-free with a toddler in the middle of a market! And then there was no turning back. To the parks, malls, vacations, social events, everywhere we went, our carrier went with us like the loyal Vodafone puppy!

Baby wearing gave me that sweet sense of freedom, I never thought was possible for moms, especially of toddlers.

Kolkol Baby Carrier Review (Full Buckle Standard Size)

The KolKol full buckle carrier that I received shattered all my pre-concieved notions about baby wearing. Not only was it in a beautiful shade of blue, it was airy and super easy to use.

They have a wide range of products to choose from for different age groups ranging from newborn to toddlers up to 4 years of age. Check out their page for more info, I can only tell you about the full buckle standard size carrier that I received from them.

Now I am still a novice baby wearing mom, so instead of giving you detailed specifications and a comparison with other products in the market, let me give you an honest heartfelt review of my experience with it.

Now if I were to go buy a baby carrier for my toddler, this is what I would look for in it-

things to look for while buying a baby carrier, best baby carriers in India

I used the one that I received for three months and here are some of its features I found really useful.

[Mind you, it had all the above listed criteria to fulfill before I gave it a thumbs up. After all it was supposed to carry my lifeline, my baby!!]

1: Adjustable Straps

This carrier has easy to adjust shoulder and waist straps making it easy for everyone and of all body shapes to use the carrier. Pearl was carried by her mom, dad and even

2: Wide Shoulder straps

As you can see here in the picture, the shoulder straps are wide and well cushioned. It makes for an easy carry while not digging into your shoulders after sometime. No wonder, papa was more excited than mommy to wear our little Pearl.

3: The Infant insert

It has a separate infant insert to keep your new born snugly fit into the carrier. It can be removed as your little one grows and used well into their toddler years. With a maximum capacity of 20 Kg, your tot’s safety is guaranteed.

4: Contoured shape

The company claims that “The carrier positions your child similar to the way you would carry them in your arms” and yes I couldn’t agree more. The shape of the carrier is such that the weight is evenly distributed and you wouldn’t feel a thing even after carrying your child for a very long time.

5: Wide base

Now this is very important to me. I have seen many parents carrying their kid in those non-ergonomic pouch carriers where their legs would dangle lifelessly all the time. I wondered what it did to their knees and hips. It was also one of the reasons I avoided baby wearing in the initial days.

But to my complete satisfaction, it has a wide panel on the base of the carrier which gives good knee to knee support. See the base ending just under the knee? This is an absolute must people. It makes a huge difference!

6: Fabric

baby carrier brand name

The carrier is made up of light and airy cotton fabric. I have used it many different occasions and places. Be it crowded area of a market, air conditioned wedding hall or while travelling, Pearl has never complained a bit about any uneasiness. Believe me people, she would let me know if she was even a slightest bit uncomfortable or just wouldn’t hop into it as happily as she does every time!

“Baby wearing gave me that sweet sense of freedom, I never thought was possible for moms, especially of toddlers.”

I am so glad fellas, that I started wearing my toddler. I never felt the need of wearing my baby in her early days. Its the toddlers who are more demanding and make you run after them all the time.

So here is a shout out to all you moms out there, if you are sceptical about baby wearing, just go for it. And if you are a toddler mom and think its too late, I say Definitely go for it! Comeback and thank me later!

Are you a baby wearing mom (or dad)? Do you intend to be one? Share your thoughts on baby wearing in the comments section below!

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  1. Thank you for your helpful review! I am a babywearing mum, and my twins have outgrown their Ergo360. I am considering to get a KolKol Toddler and your review has certainly helped me with deciding on my purchase.


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