Things are too darn repetitive in this mom’s life…

Also irritating and highly tedious.

Ever heard the rhyme “Old Mac Donald had a farm… E.I.E.I.O….”? Of course you have. Now sing that in your head. No really sing it loud and clear inside of you. (If that is even possible) Now repeat that all day long.

You are going to your office but this song plays in your head in a loop. While cooking, watching TV and even when you get up in the middle of the night to pee for heaven’s sake!! This song is there, shamelessly playing along no matter how hard you try to turn it off.  Yes people this is what happens when your kid loves a rhyme just too much and wants to listen to it a hundred times in a day.

Things are too darn repetitive in this baby led mom’s life. Take for example the game of Peek.A.Boo… We have been playing this game since Pearl was around 5 months old. She is 18 months now hasn’t grown out of it yet.

Every time she sees me walking towards her, she hides behind whatever that is nearby and waits, to appear in front of me, magically out of nowhere expecting to take me by surprise.

This pillar is not fulfilling her purpose though..  But that twinkle in her eyes!!!

Surprised do I try to look, people, I swear I try but after some time it kind of gets boring. And my cheeks start to hurt by doing that forced chuckle for the 15th hundred time ON REPEAT.

Even the word Mama has become irritatingly repetitive. Sometimes it is that sweet elongated said out of pure love “Mammmaaaaa…”…

It makes you stop whatever you are doing and scoop your cuddly little baby off the floor and dance a happy dance swaying her along. That is how happy this word makes you feel.

But then, it is said for another thousand times. Sometimes for genuine reasons when she really wants so

mething but most of the time this deliberate devil does it exclusively to annoy me.

Mamma… I turn around and she repeats mama… mama.. mama… I swear it’s not sweet anymore. Not when all I want is a FIVE minute break from everything. To stop my mommy brain and fill it with.. No not happy thoughts but silence. To just unplug and be…

This meme basically sums up my(read every mom’s) life right now:

Yes, there are things in this mom’s life, that are just too darn repetitive. But then it is this repetition sometimes that keeps me going. Like the mornings when I wake up every single day to an angelic face, so serene and pure sleeping peacefully right beside me.

Whenever she stumbles and falls down, she comes to me running  and asks to kiss her hand, or feet or whatever that is hurt and just doesn’t stop there. She would show me her other hand, her cheeks, her forehead and laughs every time she gets a kiss.

This is the kind of repetition that I love. The way she does this like a routine EVERY time she hurts herself. No, she doesn’t get tired of laughing. Neither do her cheeks hurt.

She never grows out of it. Just like the game of peek-a-boo and that gets me thinking. How hard she tries to quickly find a place to hide behind!! At times when there is nothing nearby, she runs fast to cross the room and hide behind the wall and falls down while doing so. Yet she gets up and starts running again just so that she could surprise me.

The way she puts her finger on her lips and gestures… shhh… when someone is about to spoil her surprise, and the belly laughter that finally follows when I pretend to be taken aback is all so so worth it.

I could do that again and again and all day long just to see that proud winning smile on her face – the smile of achievement even if it is as small as surprising her mama.

It is these silly things that she does that fill my mundane days with cheerful laughter. Hers and mine combined. So yes, things are too darn repetitive in my life but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Let me hold onto this repetition, let me live these moments for as long as I can because one day she will grow out of it but may be I won’t be ready…

*      *     *

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day, when I walk towards her, she may just not hide. She may have grown out of it and may be I won’t be ready….







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