Is the Raksha in Raksha Bandhan for women alone? Lets find out…


Rakhi stall

Chinks’ Lounge

An age old tradition, an essence of the love shared by brothers and sisters, sweets and gifts galore,

Raksha bandhan undoubtedly brings a family together.

But today feminists have targeted this holy festival and question its very presence. Now before you think of me as an anti-feminist person (woman) let me tell you I am all for women’s rights and equality. Feminism is a choice of lifestyle for me rather than a fashion adjective many seems to carry with them today. But I digress.

My point is Do we really have to deprave our cultures and traditions in the name of gender equality and feminism?

Undoubtedly the very name of the festival “Raksha Bandhan” sounds sexist.  Brothers providing protection to their sisters in the name of their duty is nothing but an extension of our stereotypes. But often what seems true isn’t always.

How did Raksha bandhan really come into existence? For protection of women?  Is the word Raksha significant for sisters or women alone? No.

According to Hindu mythology, here is how it all started.

There had been a long battle between Gods and demons and the demons were in the verge of winning it. The king of Gods, Lord Indra went to Brihaspatiji, the guru of all Gods for advice. The guru suggested a ritual ‘Raksha vidhan’ which he performed on the Purnima of shravan maas in the presence of Lord Indra and his wife Sachi devi. The guru then gave a raksha potli to sachi devi and asked her to tie it on Lord Indra’s wrist. He said, this would act as a mascot and would save Lord Indra from getting defeated. The Gods won in the end and since that day, Shravan Purnima (Full moon day of shravan maas of hindu calendar) was celebrated as the Raksha bandhan day.

Every year on this day, women started tying rakhi on the men’s wrist for the safety of their men. Here protection was a mutual thing and not specifically reserved for women.

Along the years, Raksha bandhan lost its true essence. The pre modern society was male dominating and the women were considered the weaker sex.  It still is the same but women of those times were not as educated and aware as they are now.

People of those times (including both men and women) believed, that the women were to be protected. They were treated as the paraya dhan whom the family had to keep safe until she was handed over to her husband (another man) who continued to keep her safe.

Hence, started the trend of sister tying rakhi on her brother’s wrist and praying for his long life. The brother (the strong man) in return promises to ‘protect’ his sister from all the evil.

Over the course of years, this got etched in our minds that raksha in the Raksha bandhan was for the sisters or women.

But times have changed. Society has evolved. There were many practices in ancient India that changed with times.  Many were altogether stopped for good but others just kept changing its courses according to the need of the hour.

Sati, for example has been stopped altogether. As people became more and more aware of the horrors of this practice they opposed it. A widow now doesn’t have to don a white sari and live a life of misery. Nor can a woman be threatened by another woman for dowry anymore. (Atleast not legally)

Change has always played an important role in the betterment of society. I call it improvisation.

Don’t you think it’s time to change our beliefs regarding Raksha Bandhan too?

Couldn’t we try to go back to its roots and celebrate this festival keeping its origin in mind- that is the safety of the one who wears the sacred thread? Or at least see the positive side to it? The one that is pure and free from any sexism whatsoever?

Why can’t we allow this festival to shape and mold itself and evolve as a better meaning festival (if not to its original form) than questioning its very presence?

Today when a girl ties rakhi on a man’s wrist, she doesn’t seek a protector in him. She doesn’t need a man’s assurance for her safety. It is out of the love they share.

This holy thread reminds them of the times spent together. Of the innocent childhood, of their petty fights and blissful moments.

In this so called modern era, when everybody is so busy in their lives, Raksha bandhan serves as a chance for siblings to meet or at least force them to take a pause and remember this lovely relationship in their lives. Because no one can argue, love and relationships are what keeps us going. These are far more important aspects in our lives than any other thing.

We don’t have to dampen our spirits just when Raksha bandhan is around the corner.

As far as women’s equality and feminist issues are concerned, there are a lot of worse things happening around people. Let’s voice for them instead of targeting our festivals.

Can we keep feminism out of this lovely festival and celebrate it the modern way? The choice is yours.

By- Sweety Pateliya

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In search of a network faster than Airtel 4G..

Airtel recently launched 4G internet services across 296 cities in India. The company claims that it is the fastest network available and promises to pay your mobile bills for lifetime if you have a network faster than Airtel4G.

Now that caught my attention. Just imagine how easy life would be if there were no mobile bills to pay!

Currently a 3G subscriber, I was quite happy with my internet speed and download times.


Ofcorse this occasional buffering image was quite irritating but I was accustomed to it. Who isn’t anyway?

So with all hopes high I started my search for a network that was faster than Airtel 4G.

I started with the #airtel4Gspeed test that is the rage in social media right now.


I downloaded Instagram and it was done in just 40 seconds!!

Now we all have downloaded apps from our 3G network  and we know the amount of time it takes for a full download. I didn’t need to do a test to compare the download time here, did I?

Slightly sad with the results (yes, I was damn excited about the speed but I was in search of faster network remember?) I decided to switch to Airtel4G from my current provider to check their speed on my handset. Yes, I can do that for no mobile bills for lifetime!!

I headed on to their website to see more details.

It was really simple. There were some prerequisite one had to meet:

  • Check if your handset was 4G ready?
  • You should have 4G sim.(They are giving existing customers a free upgrade from 3G to 4G)
  • Whether you have a 4G plan?

Luckily my phone was 4G ready and though I wasn’t an existing customer I switched to Airtel4G.

As soon as my sim got activated I went on to checkout the speed of this network. It really is unbelievably fast. I downloaded videos, songs, apps and even full movie to compare it with my previous network speed. Airtel4G is clearly a winner

I can now do all these amazing things at the click of a button:

  • Watch lag free HD videos
  • Video chat with friends and family without being stuck in the middle.
  • Download songs in a jiffy.
  • Open my attachments even before I complete reading the email.

So yes, I have to pay my own mobile bills now for lifetime but that is totally worth it as compared to the network I have with me right now. I am super happy with the new pace I have acquired with my online life. Airtel really has it kicked it off this time. I cant deny the fact that Airtel 4G is indeed the fastest network ever! Can you?

Head on to their official website to find more details..

Airtel you rock!!

#together: A trip that taught me the lesson of life

If you are a regular reader you would know that there is a tradition in my family that once a year, no matter what everyone one of us meet up in a pre destined place. May it be our farmhouse or any holiday destination. We all cousins with their respective spouses, uncles aunts gather together and do all the catching up of the year gone by.

Last year on one such trip we went to Puri, Orissa. It’s always good to spend time with the family but the last year get together was something I will never forget.

We were all #together in my room of the resort playing cards. Everyone of us was in their cheery and excited self. Happiness showed in our eyes. We talked, played, gossiped then after a long card session we went to our respective rooms to get ready for the party that night, organised by the resort people.

While getting ready I realised, I had forgotten my makeup box and went to one of cousin’s room to borrow hers. The door was ajar and before I could knock it, I couldn’t help but overhear some of the conversation she and her husband were having.

Apparently their business had faced some major loss and both of them were extremely worried about it. Especially her. Her husband, lets call him J for now, was his optimistic self as always. He consoled didi by saying things won’t remain the same forever. And if they both worked hard, the problem will soon end before they even know it. He told her not to worry about it and that this trip was to enjoy and forget all the worries and that’s what they should do. They would return from this trip all refreshed and face their problems heads on. But before that it was very necessary to make the most out of this trip.

I returned to my room, without the makeup ofcorse. I thought here I was, getting panicked at every little problem of mine. Client making me do too many revisions…panick. Should I increase my rates per article??? Panick…
Am I wrong choosing freelance blogging as the career? Panick… Hell I even panicked when I couldn’t find my makeup box!!!

That day I realised there are so many problems in people’s life that makes ours seem negligible. I knew J would come out his trouble soon as he said because he is a very hard working man. What I really learnt that day is, only thing you can do when in trouble is face them. And when not, there is no use in worrying about it.

J unknowingly taught me the lesson of life. Stay optimistic and live in the present.

That night in the party we enjoyed a lot. We danced till late night and had a blast. Problems, worries and tensions were something that didn’t exist for us at that particular moment. Here is a picture of the party that night and people just see the happy faces!!

If you are having problems with moving to another place, I say stay optimistic and just do it if you really want to. Housing will take care of other things. Be cause from what I know Housing also believes in optimism and the power of togetherness.

#StartaNewLife: My new life with freelance blogging

Change they say is the only thing permanent in life. Yet we are afraid of the mere thought of it. We want a basic mundane routine and somehow feel safe and secured in the bubble we have created around us. We get attached to that routine of ours so deeply that we can’t imagine bringing any change to it.

It happens to many of us. For me, my life changed when I was married. Mine was an arranged marriage. My husband is a well established businessman. A business which I had no interest in. The place we live in is a small town with no job offers according to my profile.

Initially I was confused and not sure of what to do about my career. No one could understand why I wasn’t interested in joining the business. Well I didn’t want to work just coz the sake of it. I wanted to do something I really enjoyed. And that’s when I decided to become a freelance blogger.

In today’s competitive world, where people only dreamt of the kind of business opportunities that lay in front of me, I not only rejected them but chose a career which wasn’t even considered a full fledged career by many.

My decision was a major change to what people were accustomed to. No one approved of it. There were times when even I doubted myself. But after many such low moments and almost a year later, my hard work along with a lot of patience and perseverance, the results began to show.

No not that the business magically took off and I lived the life of my dreams. No but actually I was able to pay the bills from the money I earned from freelance writing.

The fact that I was able to contribute my part to the house gave me immense pleasure.

I started loving each part if it. From developing ideas to write about, to pitching them to prospective clients, the long wait before their reply, I loved everything about freelance writing.

Today when I look back about my career choices, I do not regret a single thing about it. May be I could have earned a lot more in a regular 9-5 job but would I have been equally satisfied? I don’t think so. It felt as if I started a new life with freelance blogging.

I am proud that my creativity has not lost in the rat race. I am proud that I was able to believe in myself to bring about such a major change in my life.

Today, I can’t say I am completely independent financially but I know I will reach there. I am on the right path and that is what matters the most. Not the resources I have, or the skills I can hone, but the choices I make. Choices, that bring positive changes in life.

If you too want to give your life a better turn of events, bring about changes for good, just believe in yourself. And if  your change is as bold as to move to another place let Housing guide you.


Me, my niece and the bedtime rituals…

Babies are those small bundles of joy that spread happiness with their smiles. With them around everyone is either in their playful moods or just happy. You forget all your worries at just the sight of your baby.

My regular readers would know that I have a deep attachment with my niece.

She was this cute small baby who had just begun to crawl when I was in school. As soon as I would reach home, I would throw my bag away and take her in my arms and play with her for some time before even changing and having my lunch.
Everyone in the family was in the same habit. As if she was the stress buster and mood lifter of our house.

I vividly remember every part of her childhood. And the part that I enjoyed a lot was the bedtime. My bhabhi ( sis in law) would cleanse her with warm water, change her diapers, feed her and then would tell her stories of fairies, Santa Claus and angels. It was as if I was in a different world of magic.

I once asked my bhabhi why she would do this every night before she sleeps. It’s not that she really understood the stories.

She told me, like us, it is very important for babies to have a good night’s sleep. If they don’t get a sound sleep they wake up irritated next day which affects their health.

I clearly remember her words, “She may not understand the stories but it has a calming effect on her. She has gotten used to the sound of my voice when I tell those stories. She relates that sound with sleep.”

“So you read and tell her stories so she can have a sound sleep?” I asked.

“Yes. But that is not enough. It is also very important that babies don’t wet themselves in their sleep. If they do, there is a high chance of catching cold if they aren’t changed immediately. This disturbs their sleep as well. They wake up crying which is not good for their health either.”

“Hmm, that’s why the diaper change every night. Right?” I said getting a hang of it now.

“Right. But the diaper should have good absorbency and should be dry from the inside as well. Some diapers are dry from the outside but you find the baby wet from inside which causes rashes to their soft skin.”

And that is why I remember why she was so particular about the brand of the diapers she bought. It was pampers always.

Throughout her childhood I saw the same pampers packets in her bedside drawer. Just the size changed over the months but the label remained same.

It became a routine for me now, to go to her room every night just before my niece’s sleeping time.

Sometimes I would help her sponging the baby and with her I too would drift off to my fairyland, only to find out in the morning,a happy me tucked in the bed beside my niece.

These bedtime rituals have made me and my niece’s bond so strong that even today when I visit them she would ask me to tell her stories of fairies and would sleep with me that night.

Four surprises for four years of togetherness…

My husband is a very busy man. Being a businessman is not all roses as it seems from a distance. Busy schedules, stressful days and sometimes no weekends.. Yes, that’s the life of a business owner.

But Even in his this hectic schedule, my husband always magically finds time for me, have celebrated every occasion with me and went out on late night long drives and what not.. He has never missed a single chance of letting me feel loved and special..

So this valentine’s day I have decided to make this day so special for him that he will remember it and cherish it for his lifetime..
Afterall men deserve some pampering as much as we women do…Don’t they?

So when I was given a chance thanks to Baggout, to write about my dream valentine day and that too with me blessed with some Super Powers!!! I pounced on this opportunity right away. Thats what I would really need, Super Powers… to make a super special day for him. Else the day would go by and he would continue giving orders, discussing rates and shouting in the phone as he always does.

Using my super powers I would solve all his business related issues for the day and have him and his cellphone free.
Now that he would be with me with an undivided attention, I am all set to sweep him off the floor and magically teleport him to a place away from the city’s hustle bustle right in the lap of the nature.
Yes, Panchmarhi it is for us. The perfect place for us. Not too far away but far enough from the stress and pace of the city.

I would love to watch him wake up in a comfy bed of one of the resorts of Panchmarhi to the smiling sun and chirping birds.. A perfect start to a very romantic day…
I have decided to give him four gifts throughout the day celebrating the four years of our love and togetherness.

To the start the day, I would order room service and serve him breakfast at bed myself..

Ofcourse with a gift nicely wrapped and placed on the breakfast tray along with the food.
I could totally imagine the look on his face by now.. Confused, happy and at peace.. Oh How I would love to watch it in real. After a sumptuous breakfast at bed we would head on to the swimming pool to chill.

It’s kind of an unwritten rule for me and my husband that no holiday is ever complete without a dive in the pool. That’s the best place for us. He teaches me some of his strokes and I love it.

After a refreshing swimming session I would lead him to a spa treatment which I would have booked already. Nothing is more of a stress buster than a divine head and body massage. I hope this will relax and invigorate his body and mind.


As we would enter our room after spa, he would be surprised by a gift again, waiting on the bed for him. It would be a pair of denims and a tshirt which I want him to wear that very day..

We would then head on to indulge in the splendours the place has to offer. From the scenic view of satpura ranges to buying souvenirs for our dear ones from the local market, the day would be spent with gazing at the nature’s work together, hand in hand walks and smiles and love galore..

In the evening I would take him to a cafe for a cup of coffee where the waiters would greet him personally and there would be a band ready to sing for us..20150208-163249.jpg
And there on the table, reserved for both of us lies my third gift of the day. 

A Rado watch which I have been saving up for a year to gift my husband on this special day.

I would leave no stone upturned to make him feel as special as one could.

Afterall everything that he does for me, for the way he makes me feel when I am with him, the way he makes me forget everybody and everything but him, he truly deserves an evening of this kind.

“Ek shaam mere hubby ke naam”

By now we would be eager to return to our room and spend the night in each others’s arms. As we would enter our hotel room, a large picture collage of both of us would welcome us from the wall behind our bed.
20150208-160610.jpgMy fourth and the final gift of the day.

A proof that our love is eternal….
A reminder of the years spent well in love….
Special moments captured in a frame to cherish forever…
A perfect trip down the memory lane…

After discussing and reliving every moment showcased in the picture we would give in to the night with a smile on our faces. A smile that can only come when you know there will be someone to wake up with on your side every morning for the rest of your life.

Yes, that’s how I would love to spend my valentine’s day this year. A day of love where I can make my love feel special as he makes me feel every other day…

Ps: I haven’t disclosed my first and third gift of the day because they are really special and personal which I would want to share only with my love:)

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By- Sweety Pateliya

Darlings “Take Care”


Once upon a time I,
used to be a famous dame,
Guys wanted to be with me,
Girls wanted to be me,
All because my skin was
as clear as porcelain.

Being stared at my flawless face
Was something I secretly loved,
The attention, the pamper, the love
That I got, said I was beyond the race.

One day I woke up all rise and shine,
And went on to admire my beautiful face,
Noooooo…. I screamed, it can not be me,
But The pimple on my face just mocked at me.

Not even in my wildest imagination,
Had I thought, how a teeny weeny pimple
Can cause a hell lot of problems, everyday
Every second, a pimple is working
To feed on your reputation.



“How can a pimple affect you?”

Asked my mom, worried.
“What real problems can it give at max
And I started counting my hardships…


Guys who once praised me,”20150129-213622.jpg
Looked at me with a shock at first,
Slowly they stopped even noticing me.


I was just an ordinary girl now
Not the famous lass that I was,
I slowly was turning into a clam,
Scarves, hats or open bangs,
Just Didn’t add up to my glam.


Makeup brushes and concealer,
Became my best friend, shrouded my
Originality under layers of makeup,
But even they defied me after a few hours,
Cracking open and revealing the bulge.


I looked older
and sad,
Losing my confidence did not help,
The important meeting and presentations
were spent not thinking about my facts and figure,
But worrying about my pimply face.

Multani mitti, lemon, tulsi, Chandan
I tried all but in vain,
even the treatments that cost me a bomb,
Just couldn’t ease my pain.


I want my fame back,Mom,

My face and confidence too,
And when she realised how her princess
Has been affected by a lowly pimple,
She gave me a face wash with natural ingredients

Said, it will help me in worst of times.

It’s been a year and I have never had
a pimple or any skin problem so far,

The goodness of neem has finally worked,
finally I have No Pimple No Marks!!!

Thank you Garnier, thanks a ton,
For giving back my beauty, my fame,

All you beautiful people out there,
If you ever have a problem like mine,
Don’t panic dont cry and no don’t you whine,

Do what Garnier tells you to do
Darlings just “Take care”

Disclaimer: All the pictures used have been searched from the Internet and edited by me.