The facebook addiction.


New friendships and old
Come down to one level,
Some we haven’t met ever
Some we have spent a life together.

The way you feel, the days you spend
It is all in your status
Don’t give a shoulder to cry, you say,
Neither a pat on back,
Some likes and a few comments
Can compensate for that!

You turn on the gps, tell the world where you are,
Take pictures and upload them in your timeline.
Amongst all these clicking and check in,
Do you realise there is a world offline?

Of real people beside you,
Should not you be living the present with them,
Enjoying the very moment you are in?
To capture them in your mind and heart
And not just in a computer screen?

By- Sweety Pateliya

The sand castle

Once upon a time there was a girl named Iksha. Her parents were very poor and her heart broke to see her mother working day and night.

Iksha used to help her mother in the household chores as much as her tiny hands could do.

Iksha’s father used to cut wood from the jungle and sold them in the village nearby.

Every night her father would tell stories of animals and tress and Iksha would would go in deep slumber while listening to them.

One day she accompanied her father to the jungle. She wanted to see how does it look. She wanted to see the river, the animals, the trees she had heard about in the stories.

While walking through the jungle she got very tired. So Iksha and her father took rest under a large banyan tree.
She was so tired because of walking so long, she slept immediately. Her father thought not to disturb her and waited.

O child, my visitor,
What brings you to my home?

Iksha opened her eyes to see a beautiful woman with a long green dress standing in front of her.

“Who are you?” asked Iksha.

“I am the owner of this jungle. And all the jungles of this world. I am Mother Nature.”

replied the lady.

“I see you are very tired. Come let me take you to my place and give you some cold water to drink.”

“But my father is asleep here.”

“O don’t you worry my child. We will be back before he wakes up. You can bring some food and water for him too. Lets go.”

In no time, Iksha was standing in front of a magnificent sand castle.


“Remember, you used to play with mud and make castles out of it. You loved it so much. but nowadays you do not get time from all the work you have to do.

This is why you deserve to go in.

Come, my child.”

Iksha was amazed to see the castle. There were hundreds of doors and windows. The pathway to the main door was very long with trees and flowers running on the edge.

Her eyes were sparkling on seeing such a beauty.

‘No wonder jungle stories are so good’. She thought.

They went inside and a lady with a long glass filled with clear water was standing on the door.
She was wearing a large blue dress.

“Who is she?” asked Iksha.

“She is my eldest daughter, pani.” Said Mother Nature.

“Iksha do you remember, how you used to make paper boats and leave them in rivers? You used to get so happy watching the boat floating away”

Pani said.

“You loved going to beaches and rivers. Even in home you took care to close the tap when not in used. I am very happy by your deeds.

You deserve this long glass of pure water. Purest in the whole world. When you drink this, all your problems will get washed away.”

Iksha took the glass and drank the water in one go.

She was too happy that her poverty was finally going to go away.
Her mother will never have to work again.

Then they went to the living room. There was a huge wooden sofa with small cushions made of cotton. She had never seen such soft pillows. They sat there. She could not believe such a place existed. Everything was so beautiful and fresh.

Mother Nature then headed her to the backyard. It was a long stretch of trees and flower gardens.

As she began walking under the trees, the fruits and flowers automatically fell down on her path.

She picked a bunch of grapes, plucked one and put in her mouth.

It was so juicy and delicious, she had never had such grapes in the outside world.

“They are so sweet!! Why the grapes don’t taste like this at my place?” She asked excitedly.

“These are the purest fruits you are seeing my child. The fruits in your world are added pesticides, waxed to look fresh and even pretimely ripen for money.” Said the Mother Nature.

“I have made this castle, this garden to preserve my food and fruits.
You are a nature’s friend so I you can have them as much as you can.”

She ate the fruits to her contempt then asked Mother Nature to take her back to her father.

As she reached the place she had left,  she heard her father say,

“you have already slept for hours honey. It is already dark. Lets head home.”

Iksha opened her eyes with a smile and saw a lady in green dress smiling back at her from behind his father.

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An Asian dream to visit the truly Asia- Malaysia

Holidays and vacations are things I wait for all the year round. Am I too tired with everyday responsibilities? No worries there is a trip waiting for me next month!

Do I have a reason to celebrate? A trip is there already!! I am the kind of person whose bags are always packed.

And this year Malaysia is in my bucket list!

Since the time I saw this amazingly superb? Malaysia- Truly Asia ad,
I have wanted to go there. I told my husband to plan a vacation there, blackmailed him, cried for it, warned him to leave him if he didn’t (okay that went overboard)
But something or the other came up and we haven’t visited this awesome place yet.

Now when I have something in mind, it stays there for a very long time. So even when we could not plan our holiday, I spent a hell lot of time researching about the place. And what I loved about it is, it has everything for everybody.

Whether you are an adventure seeker, a foodie, a shopaholic or someone who just wants to relax all day in a serene environment, it has it all for you.

I have in me a little of everything I mentioned above. I love adventure but only when
I have had my dose of relaxation. Food and shopping, anytime anywhere!

Here is a list of five things I would love to experience in Malaysia.

1: Cameron Islands, Pahang (cuppa tea)

For someone who hears her husband say “ek cup chai ho jaye” everyday after lunch, this place would definitely hold some special attention.

Located on the Titiwangsa range above 1500m sea level, Cameron highlands, Malysia’s largest hill resort with its exotic tea plantation and other flower and fruits produce is just so tempting.

I would love to enjoy the beautiful view and talk about anything and everything with my husband over a cup of afternoon tea.

2: Genting Highlands, Pahang (Entertainment that never stops)


What is a vacation without partying?

Situated on Ulu Kali mountain around 1800m above sea level, Genting Highland resort is famous for its theme parks, casinos and night clubs.

Since this resort is only an hour drive from the main city of Kuala Lampur it is a perfect location for a blissful getaway yet stay close to the city.

I personally would love to stay at the peaceful Cameron highlands resort but would definitely love to enjoy the night life Genting Highlands has to offer.

3: BBKLCC (Shop till you drop)-


Now ask any girl does a vacation is complete without shopping? Of corse not! From collecting souvenirs for memories to gifts for relatives, not to forget the shopping for self, a perfect vacations ends only when you return with an extra bag!

The BBKLCC stretching from Bukit Bintang to Kuala Lumpur City Centre, has nine shopping malls in the entire area. Three of them are among the world’s 10 largest malls.

And the good news is many of the items are exempted from duty charges!! What else does one need? It is indeed a shopper’s paradise!

4: Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Sabah (Luxurious underwater living)

Right from my childhood watching Finding Nemo and The little mermaid TV series, I have been fascinated with underwater species.

I loved watching Ariel, the mermaid singing and swimming all day with her friends Sebastian and flounder.
Here is a picture if you have forgotten the beautiful mermaid.


How I wished I could see them in real!

May be not mermaid but this island does have abundant coral and aquatic species to
to fulfill my childhood wish.


Named after the Malaysia’s first prime minister, these group of island have shallow waters which makes it a perfect spot for snorkelling and diving for beginners like me.

5: KL Tower, KualaLampur (Dine, with the world at your feet)

I am a hard core romantic and love everything to do with romance.
Candle light dinners, surprises, gifts, Oh! I love them so much.

Just imagine having a candle light dinner 421 m above the ground!! That too in the middle of a forest!! The saying ‘sweep me off my feet’ would come true. Isn’t it?

KL tower in Kuala Lampur is the world’s seventh largest communication tower with a revolving restaurant on the top. It also has an observation deck 276m above the ground.

I just love the idea of taking in the beauty of the forest standing atop and leave with a sumptuous meal with a 360° view of the city skyline.

These were the five places I dream to experience in my dream vacation.

There are many other places and events packed all the year round. If these five does not fascinate you, not to worry. Malaysia has a lot of other experiences, events and places to offer. Be it cultural event, music festivals or just a big day out.

Find out the places that suit you best by visiting their site here.

All the images used are from the official site of malaysia tourism except the last one.

Image source for the last pic is here.

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The birthday gift

I take the shine from the moon mellow,
And give it to your eyes as dreams,

Steal some black from the dark night
And line your eyes beautifully with it,

Ocean lends its hidden treasure
And pearls adorn your neck

Sky sheds some of its blue
And I make a silken dress.

I take these all and keep it in,
the box of my years of experience,

And gift it on your birthday to,
get you ready for the world outside.

* * * *

Hello folks,

It is Friday again!!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the mothers.

As you know I am running a special woman’s day theme in the month of march. Expect one on every Friday of this month.

Keep coming for more.

Thank you.

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Do we have reasons to celebrate women’s day?

The plucked flower

She is a non westernised Indian woman yet independent.

She is a non westernised Indian woman yet independent…

Momtrepeneurs, business women, leading ladies. We have them in every field and the world knows them.

Today I am going to introduce you to a lady who may not be a who’s who but definitely stands firm on her feet. An independent, sole provider of the family.

Wearing a saree with her pallu covering her back she looks like any other housewife. She is one undoubtedly, besides being a teacher.

Without a mom, brought up and pampered by her father, the in-laws place with its strict rules showed a complete new side of life to her.

An educated young girl trying to balance the salt and chilly in her food while taking care of the palla that shouldn’t leave her head meanwhile.

Once gaining the mastery in the kitchen, she was considered fully settled in the family then.

She wanted to be a teacher and expressed her interest but was denied. (Yes, permission is required for such things if you didnt know already!)

As cliche it may sound she got the answer “ache ghar ki bahuyein kaam nahi karti” ( daughters-in-law of prestigious families don’t work for an income)

She continued her household responsibilities but never allowed her dream to die.

As they say destiny takes a toll, after 8 years of marriage her husband found himself in a difficult financial condition. She wanted to help.

After a lot of effort the family settled in her taking tuitions at the home itself.

Its been 10 years now she is teaching, she owns a training institute with around 30 students in total.

She still wears a saree in the same fashion.
Even today she covers her head in front of her elders and when asked if she thinks she is free, she says and I quote

“Of corse I am. Dresses you wear do not decide Your freedom.The way you choose to live your life does. I am not a rebel but I don’t give in. That’s freedom for me”

As I said, she is not a very famous rags to riches personality but definitely one who tells us anything can be done with whatever you have and wherever you are at.

I salute such women who in their own little ways are trying to bring a change in
our patriarchal society.

* * * *

Hello folks,

It is Friday again!!

As you know I am running a special woman’s day theme in the month of march. Expect one on every Friday of this month.

Keep coming for more.

Thank you.

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By- S.R.Pateliya

Women’s day special- The plucked flower


Prey was I,
For those beastly eyes,

An object of interest,
One touches and judges before a buy,
Not with money,
But wounds for pleasure.

Wounds heal they say with time,
mine were opened, each passing day,
By each spectator.

Withered rose in a broken pot,
He plucked the petals,
they attacked the root.

“You would have instigated,”
“Why were you alone at that time?”
“Why were you dressed like that,
dupatta kyun nai Liya?”
“It’s your fault, its your fault”…

They too traded pain for pleasure,
Just the form of it changed,

Only this one cut through my being,
And ravaged the soul.

The beast was jailed,
But they lived free,
To attack some other root,
And dig, and hurt and continue so,

Until the garden ruined.
They have imprisoned the society.

By- S.R.Pateliya

*                                   *                                   *                                     *

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Do we have reasons to celebrate Women’s day?

A lot has been discussed about women’s rights and crimes against women in India these days.

But is anything implemented?

Laws have changed, but the system continues to work as carelessly as it used to.

Women’s day is around the corner. A day to celebrate a woman’s freedom and rights. As we celebrate 106th women’s day this year a lot of questions come to mind.

Are we really independent? Are we treated equal? Are there any significant changes in a life of a woman in general?

By all the hustle bustle and conundrum going around, people’s answer would be a very confident ‘YES’.

But observe a woman closely, especially in the rural areas and you find the real answer.

There are houses where women are forced to cover their heads in a profound show of respect.
Where they are forced to think that the only reason of their existence is to satisfy their men. Whether be it from the basic necessities of food to the physical urges.

The daughters are taught right from their childhood that she has to grow up to be a good wife, a good daughter-in-law. No one teaches her to be a good person first.

Even today families want to see a man’s name in their family tree,  their ‘Ghar ka Chirag’. Even if a son is born after the three or four(unwanted baggage) girls, the daughters have to give up their basic rights of either education and proper upbringing because the parents lack resources to support such a big family.

These men grow up seeing the women giving in and compromising in every walk of life.
It gets etched in their minds that they are more powerful and have more liberty than a woman.

Today all the crimes against women, even the Rape cases are in someway the consequences of this very thought. Most of the cases are not because of any sexual urge, it is the matter of power for a man.

A woman can only be free in real terms if we don’t blindly follow the patriarchal Indian society.

She is a mother, a daughter-in-law, a wife but first of all she is a woman.

She doesn’t have to leave her job because it’s the man’s responsibility, she doesn’t have to do the household chores because the man is the provider.
She will definitely do all those things out of love for her family but not by sacrificing her own self.

When every family understands this, we can celebrate woman’s day in its true essence.

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Hello folks, I am running a special woman’s day theme in the month of march. This the first article. Expect one on every Friday of this month with a special feature on the women’s day.

Keep coming for more.
Thank you.

By- S.R.Pateliya