Finding pleasure in the small things- Five things that add zest to my life

When the routine gets same
And things are mundane,
I love to add some zest to life
To feel once again alive.

Yes, sometimes it becomes a necessity to take a break, and just be me. No role plays, no expectations to fulfill, no masks to wear… Just me with the people I love…

Whenever I feel this urge to leave everything and rejuvenate myself, I don’t necessarily have to go in for a theraupatic massage or get going on a holiday ( though they are always welcome;) ) .
I find immense pleasure in small things in life.
I have always been the kind of a person who loves A flower in my garden, a good book, rains and the smell that follows even a smile from a stranger……
They really make my day…

So if I were to choose 5 things/places that add zest to my life, they would be

1: Chai in a tea stall

What can be more relaxing than having a cup of tea on the road with your bestie..

2: An unplanned drive at the wee hours of night
“Oh, I am too tired. Had a hectic day”, you say and then you hear your hubby say
“Common, lets go on a drive.. I will let you select the music”( I always select the music)
Now doesn’t all the tiredness vanish away with just the idea of a long drive, windows open, cool breeze blowing on your face….

3: Party with friends

Music, friends, dance…. Now what? was I bored? Really?

4: By a flowing river, I sit down and relax

Some me time along a seaside or a lake, experiencing its placidity is an experience that is beyond words….

5: Chocolate cake


And the picture says for itself…

By- Sweety Pateliya

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The irresistible chocolate- The choco lava cake

There is just one thing, the sight or sound of which can boost up any girl’s spirits. No matter what time of the day or night it is, CHOCOLATES are simply irresistible.
When I was in college, me and bestie spent more time in the Cafe Coffee Day with our chocolate truffles than attending lectures. We could tell by the look in the eyes of each other when we were upset about something and we usually ended up in the cafe and choco lava was our usual.

The crisp hot layer of the cake with the dark chocolate liquid oozing out of it would make our eyes gleam. We would first poke the cake and watch the thick chocolate spreading itself on the pastry. A spoonful of just the hot chocolate sauce and the moment it touched the lips we would forget everything and go on a dreamy state… Then we would attack the cake pouring lots of chocolate sauce on it and boy… Each bite transformed us to heaven. How smoothly it would glide on our tongue and melted like butter inside. The white almond flakes looked beautiful on the dark melted lava. It added colour to the otherwise monochromatic dish. The slight cruchiness it brought to each mouthful was what made this dish simply irresistible.
And when by mistake if I would get chocolate at the end of my mouth, I would lick it away without being a shy.

Now I am in my home town and choco lava cake is not readily available here. Hell we do not even have a cafe here. So I tried to make my own version of it. Mixed cocoa powder, flour ( maida), baking powder and soda. Added butter and condensed milk to it and whipped it. Until it fell smoothly. After licking major portion of the rich creamy batter, I poured it in the mould and added some grated chocolate on top of it. And baked it. When the batter rose, the chocolate melted and gathered in the middle. Only to ooze out when I poke it…

Food indeed affects our mood. Next time when you feel low, just grab a choco lava cake and believe me you will thank me later on…

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By- Sweety Pateliya

My father’s laugh

I have always loved the way my father laughs. A hearty laugh, mouth wide open, teeth shining and chest moving rhytmically with laughter.
He laughed when he talked about his adolescence, his friends, the pranks he played on the people around him.
Now he laughs less often. Only when a long forgotten incident comes up on his mind, he would smile, sometimes laugh, and share it with us. The cheerful laughter has taken a form of a closed smile. And now his chest moves the same way up and down, up and down but only when he takes the stairs or walks too fast.

The steady long steps that he used to take a few years ago are now careful and measured. No he is not too old, may be in his fifties, but the pain in his knees and legs is too arrogant to go away.

He is a man who inculcated in me the virtues of spiritualism. He is the man who had slapped me on my first mistake (I had bought bhel from the chanawala and forgoto didn’t pay). I was a rebel as a kid. And when I won’t listen to my elders, he would sit me down and knock some sense into my not so matured head.

He would stand all day out in sun, and look at his buildings get constructed block by block. He could have sat in air condition in his office, giving instructions but he chose to be on site. It gave him immense pleasure to just be there. He would walk throughout the site, giving orders, taking charge. He trusted the supervisor, but he was too much in love with the site to leave it on someone else’s hands.
Not much has changed now. Even today he goes there without fail, but most of the time he spends in his office. His mind and heart never leaves the field.

He loves to cook and when he feels like it, he would order everybody out of the kitchen, and prepare a delicious meal for us. He is a great cook. Better than my mom I would say.

When I was sick , like bed ridden sick for months, he would sit beside me all day. helping with the little exercises I was supposed to do. He would tie knots on his handkerchief for me to open them. An exercise for my fingers. He would deliberately tie them loose to boost up my morale. But when I could not do it, he would excuse himself to the bathroom to hide his weak side from me, again to keep me strong.

My father and I are not much of a talker. We speak less on phone. Though its only been 2 and half years, I am married and staying away from him, I feel like I have been away from him since so long. I miss everything about him.

When I go over to spend a few days at my place, we don’t spend much time together. We don’t sit and talk for long. But I have my spirits high throughout my stay there by his mere presence. And my mom says he laughs a lot more when I am around.

A sight which is so rare now, a sight which I have always loved.

By- Sweety Pateliya

Talk to someone, they say..

Talk to someone, they say.
It liberates heart.

The incessant feeling of burning inside,
the fire would turn everything,
every emotion into ashes.
And how I wish for the pheonix to rise again,
to make me feel all those feelings once again,
all those turmoils, the happiness that I once felt
only this time in a different way.

The four walls of the room seem to come closer
any minute any second, they may come crashing on me,
suffocating me to death.
I have to go out, somewhere alone, somewhere unknown
to keep myself alive.

Talk to someone they say,
It liberates heart.

Instead my fingers start dancing
On the keyboard, confidently,
like a pianist playing,
unshackling the core,
And then slowly, very slowly,
A smile begins to form on my lips,
Smile not of happiness, neither content
But one that comes with relief,
Like a heavy burden on mind and heart,
Is relieved onto the screen.

By- Sweety Pateliya

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No more end of the hair ends- TRESemmè split remedy shampoo conditioner pack review.

Endings should never be cut short. I can not agree more. Whether it is a Madhur Bhandarkar film where the movie ends but you keep thinking ‘so they finally met or not’??
Or it is about our crowning glory which we so harshly punish by cutting them short, trimming them just to get rid of those nasty split ends.

Sadly nothing can be done in both the cases. I can not tell the director to make elaborately ending movies, neither can I bring back my long hairs.

I have tried everything possible to nourish my hair but no matter what the splits came back like a monster in horror movies.

Dont believe me? Here is the list of my tried and tested formulae, none of which worked for my split ends by the way.

The hot towel therapy

Where I oil my hair and wrap it up with hot towel to lock the moisture in.


Hair pack

Where I tried applying egg, honey and olive oil mixture on my hair, I tried it all but in vain. (The pack definitely gives my mane a very soft and shiny look but the ends remain as lifeless as ever.)


20140603-114851.jpgI even went through a professional hair spa treatment regularly for a few months. It costs me a bomb with no permanent results.

In the mean time I tried on different hairstyles where the ends can securely be hidden. It may be ironic to say I got the hairstyle ideas from TRESemmè YouTube videos.



I went to my grandma and told her my plight,
Thinking her purane nuskhe will help,
But the dahi, anda, reetha or honey
Could not make my worries end.

The salon expert said,
“Get a trim” ,
the dead hair at the ends
Can’t relive at your whim.

So finally I decided on the final dreadful step
zyada chote mat karna please…, I said
and bowed my head,
to let him mercilessly cut down the ends.

But guess what!! They came back even before my hair grew to its original length!!!

So when I saw the TRESemmè  split remedy ad on TV, where Diana Penty flaunts her beautiful tresses shining through and through,  I had to give it a try. Though I was not very positive about the results because nothing had worked earlier, but I had nothing to lose. My hair were already at its worst.

And then Indiblogger came up with this review contest. What can be better than applying for the sample of the shampoo I had been thinking to buy anyway!! So I applied for it.

Now, before I start about my experience with this shampoo, there is this very important thing I would like to share. A few weeks after I had applied for the sample, I got a phone call from a person from TRESemmè to enquire if I had received the sample or not? Now that’s so sweet and considerate!! Not many companies do that. Most of the time they dont even care. I liked their professionalism but I will save it for another blog post some time.

My experience on  Tresseme split remedy shampoo and conditioner.

imageFirstly I loved the bottles a lot. The shampoo comes in a chic black bottle with a green cap and  a serene white bottle with the same green colour cap for the conditioner.

The press down lid on the bottle makes it easier for squeezing out even a tiny dollop of the product, which is quite sufficient to get a foamy lather.


Now let’s see what the product claims.


“Yes pleaseeee”, me and my hair screamed in unison…But does it give what it promises?

To find out I tried the product every alternate day for around more than 15 days. Now I could not see the results initially but my hair felt far more smoother after just a couple of washes. They were  light and more bouncy and had a pleasant fragrance throughout the day.

Here is what I feel now after using it for a fortnight.

1: The split ends have not recovered remarkably  as the product claims but the visibility of damaged ends have surely reduced. Lesser frays and my hair ends feel softer now.

2: The overall texture and feel of hair has improved miraculously.

3: I see less flyaway hairs.

4: I don’t know if I am the only one to experience this, because the product doesn’t claim it but my hair looks more straight than earlier!! May be because smooth hair tends to fall straight than damaged hair. Whatsoever, I love it.

5: My hair does feel like salon treated after every wash.

Here is a picture of my hair ends after using the product.



So yes,  for me TRESemmè split remedy range of shampoo and conditioner did wonders to my hair and my split ends.  I will definitely buy it again because I can’t wait to wear my hair long, for longer.

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By- Sweety Pateliya

My verdict on Sunsilk Natural Recharge

Courier wala aya hai memsaab” called out my maid and I rushed to pick up my Sunsilk sample. I knew about it because that was the only thing I was expecting during that time. It was  the first ever sample  I was to receive from indiblogger and  I was eagerly waiting for it. Though I had already used Sunsilk shampoo before (if you are a regular reader, you will know that I am an ardent fan of Sunsilk yellow) I couldn’t wait to try the new Sunsilk recharge natural shampoo.

Sunsilk natural recharge

I was excited to see the sleek light green bottle laying delicately on a white satin cloth in a cute white basket. After all who doesn’t love some free stuff!! After running throughout the house showing off my sample bottles to everyone in the family     (It was my first sample!! What else do you expect?) I went to my room, opened the bottle and took a long sniff at the product and boy!!! I just loved that smell.

I started reading the ingredients and the product claims at the back of the bottle. (Yes, I read everything about the products I use) And the first thing that I noticed was,  it was paraben- free!!

Paraben free

I have a highly sensitive and acne prone skin and am advised by my dermatologist to use products without parabens. But I had no idea about the benefits or hazards of parabens in hair products. So I did my own research (googled it ofcourse) and learnt about the its negative effects on our body.

According to my newly acquired knowledge, Paraben is used in products as a preservative to increase its life. Studies show (Wikipedia says) that they are loosely carcinogenic and can be one of the contributors to breast cancer. A study in 2004 showed that the breast tumor samples contained paraben in concentration similar to what is found in cosmetics. Though there is no direct link of paraben with cancer but they may be one of the many reasons.

Okay I was highly impressed. Finding a paraben- free cream was in itself a herculean task for me and I got a shampoo sans paraben!! No wonder, Sunsilk’s collaboration with hair expert Jamal Hammadi has brought about many innovations in everyday hair care.

Now, I could not wait to see how my hair feels after using this. That night I oiled my hair to follow up with a hair wash next morning.

Like all other shampoos I have tried so far, it took me two washes to completely get rid of oil. The second wash required only a tiny dollop of shampoo and it gave a super clean scalp. But it alone didn’t do any good to my hair as it promises but when followed up with the conditioner, my hair felt very soft and lively. And the fragrance lingered on hair the whole day.

ginseng rootAlso while applying the conditioner, I didn’t see a lot of strands on my palm as in other products.  So definitely less hair fall. The ginseng root and oil present in the product might have something to do with it. I am not sure though.

  Now time for my final verdict

According to my experience of using the Sunsilk natural recharge shampoo and conditioner, I think it stays by its promise Sunsilk natural recharge .jpg

My hair does not feel weighed down and limp.  I see more bounce and shine in them after a couple of washes. However, I declare the conditioner to be the hero here. The shampoo just cleanses the scalp. My hair felt dry after using it. But then thats what shampoos do, they cleanse. Conditioners are the real hair treatments and this one is superlative.

Here is a before and after picture for you to decide for yourself.

Hair before and after wash

See the difference?

So will I purchase this again?



1: It gives what it promises. Soft hair and less hairfall ( strong and abundant)

2: It is extremely reasonable.

         180ml of shampoo bottle costs Rs.132.00

         80 ml of conditioner pack costs Rs.64.00

3: Has an awesome fragrance that stays throughout the day.

4: It is easily available;)

Anything that makes me give a second thought to it?

Hmmm let’s see.

1: Its counterpart sunsilk yellow gives softer mane than this one but the natural recharge range reduces hairfall while giving a soft texture.

2: If you are out of your conditioner, you can not use this shampoo alone. Result will be squeaky clean scalp but frizzy hair. During such emergencies I will recommend its tried and tested sister, Sunsilk yellow.

That’s about it! I will happily purchase the shampoo conditioner duo next time for a real treat to my tresses.


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By- Sweety Pateliya