The missed proposal: #Willyoushave?

” I was tired of him yaar. I couldn’t take it anymore. All he ever cared about was himself. I had no option but to call off the wedding.”

My friend was going through a bad phase. The guy she was going to marry was a mannerless man with no heart whatsoever. The only good thing about it was she realised it before the wedding.

Not a month had been passed when her parents started looking for a guy for her. A few weeks later they found everything in a guy they were looking for. My friend and that man’s kundali was matched and even the pandit gave the green signal. Now came the meeting part. She wasn’t really over the trauma of calling off a wedding but she had no other option.

Next day we were to meet that guy in a cafe. We reached there right on time but the guy had not arrived yet. He was late.
( Put off No 1, my judgmental mind screamed from within.)

We waited there for about 15 mins when we saw the guy rushing in with a wide smile. He apologised for being late and sat down in front us. He was handsome, had a killing smile and a dashing personality. But there was one thing that was off about him. He had not shaved. ( Put off no 2)

Now it is not that shaving is so important for me, neither did he have a full ugly growth for that matter but when one is going to meet a girl for the first time, should not he take some more time to dress himself up?

I instantly wiped this thought out of my mind as he was looking really good and behaved like a gentleman. He seemed perfect for my friend and I couldn’t let the stubble come in between them. I wanted my friend to be happy.

I left to go to the washroom in order to let them spend some time alone. When I came back, they had had their coffee and were ready to leave.

“So, what do you think? Isn’t he handsome?” I asked my friend all excited once we were out of his sight.

She looked serious and said, “I told him I was not interested right now”

“Why? He seemed so damn good?” I asked confused.

“Didn’t you see? He had not shaved?” So she had not missed it either.

It may be a small thing. But this shows how careless he is about all this arranged marriage thing. He did not put any extra effort to make an impression. I already have gone through a bad relationship. I know how it feels when someone doesn’t bother how you think of them. I cant go through all that all over again. He seemed like the same guy

“Its just a stubble for God’s sake!! ” I said irritated with her response.

“These small things tell a lot about a person. I didn’t see these things earlier. But now I have to keep my eyes open. . ”

It got me thinking. If only the guy had taken a bit more care about himself and shaved before showing up. He really seemed like a nice guy. They could have made a great pair.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

I tag these wonderful bloggers for this activity.
Anita of The explorer of miracles
Saru of Words
Heena of Icynosure
Nabanita of Random thoughts

Here are the themes for the activity.

For Men-
Opportunities – Stories or instances where you missed out on an opportunity because of a ungroomed look.
Luck or Confidence? Will you leave your fate in the hands of destiny or will you step up and say yes to a well- groomed face to be at your best everyday? #WillYouShave?

For Women-
An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.
An instance when a well groomed look ensured that they struck gold on an opportunity given to them.


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