Ab Montu bolega: A StepsilsIndia Campaign


We Indians are very particular about keeping our homes clean. Diwali is more of a cleaning festival than a Festival of Lights for us. Yet as we step outside of our houses we tend to forget our duties. We throw wrappers on the road, spit and let me not get started with the list now.

Many a times I see a group of people gathered around the panipuriwala chatting and enjoying the golgappe merrily. Throwing the extra pani or the plates away in between the conversations without even looking for a dustbin. And yes the dustbin is there standing lonely at a corner saying ‘Use me’ with pleading eyes.

I have tried many a times to ask people not to litter but have never succeeded. Infact they get rude and tell me I have no rights to tell them what to do and what not to. Eventually I stopped trying. There was no point in beating drums in front of the deafs. If a person is asleep, we can wake him up but if someone is pretending to sleep, you cant help it. thats the situation today in India. people do not want to wake up.
So I started focusing on doing my part but never asked others to do the same.

Only recently I saw that Reckitt Beckinser has stared a new campaign strepsils #abmontubolega that encourages people to speak their heart out. The protagonist of the campaign montu is a person who thinks about others and care for them but he is never allowed to speak up. He is suppressed in his family, at his office and even with his friends. Then one day montu realises that bin bole ab nahin chalega and he speaks up and is heard. The sore throat lozenge helps Montu to speak up with a clear and healthy voice.

The video and this campaign really inspired me and I thought if Montu can, why can’t I? So next time when I went to a pani puri stall and witnessed the same scene. I couldn’t stay quiet. I asked a person who was about to throw his plate away to use the dustbin and to my surprise he did that. Infact the people who already had thrown their plates on the roadside picked it up and disposed them in the dustbin.

This shows people are getting aware. Theres just a lack of voice. Once people listen to a voice guiding them to a better and cleaner India, they get more than willing to cooperate. So guys lets pledge today to raise a voice for a clean India. Strepsils has done its part by staring the campaign, now its our duty to take it forward.
Do you believe in the power of voice? Are you willing to join in?

Ps: The voice has a power only if you do what you are asking others to do. Please don’t throw garbage on the road when you think no one is watching.

Visit www.abmontubolega.com to know more about the campaign.
Like their facebook page.
Follow it on twitter.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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