Two beautiful girls

While poem searching last night on google I found out a feel good poem where being beautiful and sexy was related to mind and not the body. That was something interesting. It got me thinking the other way round. How beautiful and sexy girls are thought of as beauty without brains? And thus this poem … More Two beautiful girls

The sand castle

Once upon a time there was a girl named Iksha. Her parents were very poor and her heart broke to see her mother working day and night. Iksha used to help her mother in the household chores as much as her tiny hands could do. Iksha’s father used to cut wood from the jungle and sold … More The sand castle

The birthday gift

I take the shine from the moon mellow, And give it to your eyes as dreams, Steal some black from the dark night And line your eyes beautifully with it, Ocean lends its hidden treasure And pearls adorn your neck Sky sheds some of its blue And I make a silken dress. I take these … More The birthday gift