Ek Cup Chaai- Not Just a Cup of Tea!

Its 3:30 pm and I am sitting at my writing desk staring blankly at the screen. It feels as if the blinking cursor is mocking me, challenging me if I can move it any further. I can’t and I feel angry on the stupid screen, fighting my writer’s block. After an hour of this teasing and staring, I finally give up and decide I needed a break. So off I go to the kitchen and prepare a hot cup of tea for me.

A cup of tea and laptop


Just as the tea leaves slowly and sensuously dance away on the boiling water, loosing its color to color the water instead, ideas start boiling over on my mind. Vague thoughts to random words and I find myself making sentences up on my mind… BY the time I have had my tea, I feel clear headed and go back to my screen and flash a winning smile on that devil of a cursor. I win!

While I fight my own battle, there is whole different scenario in the living room. “Bhabiji apke haath ki ek cup chaai pini thi” said Vijay uncle to my MIL as he made himself comfortable on the couch waiting for FIL to arrive from the office. As a hot cuppa arrived, papa came in with yet another uncle saying, “Ek cup chaai ho jaaye…” and the whole of the afternoon is spent with friends sipping tea and chatting away….This is a usual Sunday affair at our house….

“Ek cup chaai” is not just a cup of tea for us.

It is the the ice-breaker, the conversation starter, the ideas developer, the muse and much much more….

Memories are made, relationships are built, decisions are taken over a cup of tea….

No wonder it is the first thing that we have every single morning. And by tea, I don’t mean that green tea, mint tea, orange tea or any other flavored shit that people use to up their lifestyle and lower their weight. (ha! If only)…I mean that Desi milk chaai that we just cannot say no to…

Because tea for us is not just a beverage but a lifestyle….

Are you a tea lover too? Then sure you must have many tea stories/memories to tell… Share in the comments below.

Ps: This post is a part of the Chai-a-thon blog train organised by the Momsteins. Thank you Bhavana Dutt for introducing me. Now head over to Kriti Gupta’s blog to read her wonderful tea memories…











2 thoughts on “Ek Cup Chaai- Not Just a Cup of Tea!

  1. Couldn’t have agreed more 🙂 A cup of tea initiates an entire a set of conversation followed by more conversations and giggles. Candidly speaking, I don’t drink tea, but watching everyone catching up over tea is close to my heart and I try and grab the opportunity to be a part of such warm gatherings whenever possible. I loved how thoughts and words spring up your mind while making tea 🙂 Enjoyed the post.



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