Stroller Buying Guide: 10 Things To Look For In A Stroller (And A Review)

stroller review, stroller buying guide

Buying a stroller is like it or not, one of the biggest purchases you would do for your baby. So its only wise to invest in the one that guarantees a long run. I am sure you have already seen a zillion products online, read every review, internet has ever churned out and are still confused about which stroller in India is best for your baby. Right? I feel you. Been there done that!

[Keep reading for a detailed review Or if you are a hasty reader, scroll down for an overview of the entire article]

I wanted to take my baby out for walks from the very first day (Though I did that only after my 40 days of resting period) and didn’t want to postpone this big purchase any more. But bless my sister-in-law who came to my rescue and saved me looonnng indecisive nights!! She gifted me one on Pearl’s naming ceremony. How cool is that!!

It was a red-black Lil Wanderers’ stroller and I don’t exaggerate when I say it is one of the BEST gift I have ever received for my baby till date.

I used to go for my postpartum walks with Pearl in it when she was about 2 months old and since then it has been with us in airports, parks, roads, shopping malls, everywhere. Those wheels tell you their story, isn’t it?

Now that I have been using a stroller for last 16 months to literally everywhere I go, I think I have gained ample knowledge about strollers, their features and usage.

To make sure you purchase the perfect stroller for your baby, I have come up with a list of features you should look for before buying one. I am also reviewing my Lil Wanderer’s stroller simultaneously for you to get a better idea of what to look out for while buying a stroller.

1: Type

If you prefer wearing  your baby in her initial months, then an umbrella stroller or a buggy would be best for when she is older and mastered the art of sitting. They are lightweight, travel friendly and easy to maneuver on busy Indian roads.

But if you spend almost an entire day out with your baby, a full-fledged stroller or a travel system (one where the car seat can be attached to the stroller) would be a good investment. They have multi position seat reclines, and other advanced features so that the baby can nap and enjoy the ride comfortably in it while you go around running errands.

Lil Wanderer’s stroller (henceforth called LW)  is not a travel system. I had to buy a separate car seat for Pearl. Sometimes shifting her from the stroller to the car seat or vice versa was quite inconvenient especially if she was sleeping. So if you are looking for spending most of the days out with your little one, you might want a travel system like this one here.

2: Canopy

A sun canopy over the hood is a must to protect your baby from the harsh rays. Look for the one with maximum coverage.

stroller with canopy
LW has one that covers my now 17 months old toddler’s face when she lies straight while napping. It has a small net window to check my little one. She loves playing peek-a-boo with it.

3: Reversible Handle

For infants upto 6 months old, you might want to push them while facing you so that you can check on them all the time. Many come with a reversible handle that can be pushed either ways.

LW unluckily doesn’t have this feature. So I made sure I had a company whenever I carried my baby in her first 6 months. So they can walk a little ahead of me and keep an eye on my baby while I pushed her around. I also preferred babywearing during that time so it wasn’t much of a hassle.

4: Reclining Positions

If you are planning to use a stroller for a newborn or a baby under 6 months, look for one that has multiple reclining positions. Check that the seat lays completely flat and is appropriately padded so that your baby can nap comfortably in it.

Once they start holding their head, you can use the seat in an inclined position for them to see the world around.

LW has 4 reclining seat positions. Straight sitting, resting back, completely flat and one that just stops before laying flat, the way we prop up our babies with a pillow on their back. I made a video showing all the seat transitions but it isn’t working somehow. While I work on that, have a look at the lay-flat seat position of the Lil Wanderer’s stroller, perfect for newborns!

This is one feature that made it possible to use this one stroller for baby  from day 1 to until now.

5: Safety belts

Ensure it has a 5 point harness for extra protection. Also check if it has adjustable straps. You will have to change the length when the baby naps or sits accordingly.   It is really important so don’t neglect this one at all. And make sure you buckle up your baby every single time even if it is only a few minutes walk.

LW has got it covered quite well. The buckle in the middle one clasps all the belts quite firmly. It is very easy to attach and detach with just one single push.

6: Brakes

You don’t want the stroller rolling away on its own with your baby in it while you are busy talking to someone, do you? Brakes in either rear or front wheels are a must for any stroller.

LW has a rear brake and individual brakes on the front wheels that makes it super safe for your little one.

Individual brakes on the front wheels

7: Maneuverability

The perfect stroller should help you glide smoothly across busy and narrow roads and bumpy lanes. To ensure high performance checkout the size of the wheels. Bigger wheels perform better than smaller ones. But also keep in mind that too big wheels may make it bulky and difficult to accommodate on a standard car trunk. Look for standard size.

Before buying, always put some weight preferably 8-10 kg on the stroller and then check its performance. Empty carts always glide smooth.

LW has standard size wheels and is very easy to navigate. It has been extensively used in the last 16 months and the product still retains its performance.

8: Storage Basket

This one is absolutely necessary for me. By now you must have realized how many baby things you have to carry for your little one ALL THE TIME. A handbag for your essentials, a diaper bag for your baby’s, shopping bags and stuff, carrying all of it along with the stroller doesn’t look classy at all! I prefer stashing all of it underneath to keep my hands free.

LW has a remarkably large storage basket for such a light weight stroller. I am that mom who doesn’t double her diaper bag as her purse. My wallet or lipstick just cannot share a room with a packet of baby wipes. It is such a hassle to find your things among the baby stuff. So you see this is how it looks when we go shopping!

9: Child Tray

While many moms swear by this feature in their strollers, I just do not find it that useful. True, it helps to hold your baby’s sippy cup or even some toys or your keys. But I am not the person to trust my keys in front a moving baby. And really it doesn’t take much time to take the sippy cup out of the diaper bag which is just underneath the stroller. Plus I don’t have to worry about the spill ups.

LW does have a child tray in newer models, mine didn’t have any but as I said, it didn’t bother me at all.

10: Compact

Think about where do you plan to store the stroller at your house when not in use. The ones that fold easily  with one hand are a great option(believe me you will want it when you are alone and have a baby in your other hand)

The Lil Wanderer’s stroller folds very conveniently. You just have to push a button and press another simultaneously. Hey it sounds complicated but trust me it’s not!

This near about sums up everything you need to know about buying strollers for your baby.

For your convenience, Let me give you an overview of the review part.

Here are the pros and cons of Lil Wanderer’s Stroller


1: Lightweight

2: Good Coverage from sun (Canopy)

3: Smooth Maneuverability (Thanks to its large wheels)

4: 5 Point harness (with adjustable straps)

5: Good brakes (Rear and front)

6: Large storage at the bottom (enough to keep a large diaper bag beneath)

7: Folds easily


1: No reversible handle. (Cant push with child-facing you)

2: No Car seat attachment

3: No Child/food tray

Will I suggest Lil Wanderer’s Stroller to a new mom?


Rate: 4/5

Buy the product here.

[Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. These are my honest opinions on a product I personally use and swear by.This article contains affiliate links though, meaning if you purchase any product from these links, I get a teeny tiny commission out of it with ofcorse no extra cost to you]

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