Women’s Day: A Big Thank You To Everyone who believes in Women


Women's day

Last year for the Women’s week I had published a series of blogposts all through March, all I must say on a negative note, given the situation of our country at that time. (Remeber Delhi rape case and alike?)

Fast forward to the present day I am so pleased to see the changes in and around me.

So this time I have decided to cut out the negativity that goes around International Women’s day that portrays them (Us) as victimized  “Abla Naris”  who deserve more equality, more respect or whatever.

[Yes, the struggle is there, we haven’t yet achieved that ideal place socially  where we should have been by now but we are getting there. Don’t you think? Its baby steps but at least we are moving forward.]

Instead of sulking and complaining about the hardships  we as women face, I am going to focus on the things I am grateful for, people who love me for who I am and have helped me become the woman I am today.

Because Women’s Day is all about the celebration of being a woman isn’t it?

And what better way than to thank those people individually? They deserve it right?

1: The one I live for- My daughter

Let me start with my wonderful, super- adorable (if I may say so myself) little one, Pearl.

She is the reason I recognized my strengths which I never knew existed before. She is the one who keeps the child in me alive. She is the one who completes me.

[She is also the one who gave direction to this blog. Earlier Chinks’ Lounge was just a platform for me to put my thoughts and creative writing out there. Read this writer mom’s random ramblings here. Today it is all about connecting with other moms and together we learn, share, laugh and enjoy the parenting journey.]

2: The Love of my life- My husband

My husband (who I know will never read this) is the one who understands me like no one else. He is the reason I have continued blogging after being a mom. There was a time, I had almost quit but it is his support that this blog  is still in existence today. He understands my need of “me-time” and my passion for writing.

3: My Pillars- MIL & her MIL

This list cannot be completed without the women who are literally the backbone of my life right now. My mother-in law and my grandmother-in-law. (Believe me people my grandma is so active at this stage, I bet she could beat you in any challenge in a matter of seconds)

I could not thank them enough for everything they do for the family. Be it cooking when I am running late (#momlife you see) or taking care of Pearl while I am in the office, they are the reason, I am able to pursue my dreams. And also typing this right now without a baby clinging on my body.

4. My Creator- My Mom

And finally my mom, the one because of whom I am here today. She has no sons, you see, just three daughters and I have never in my life seen her complaining about it. She has always said “Tu meri beti nahi, mera beta hai”. She has always  believed in me and made me believe in myself. I would consider myself successful if I could be a mom even half as good as her.

The list is unending actually. I can’t thank enough to all of you, my readers, who came back to me when I started writing again after almost a year break, to people whose work inspires me, to people who work for me, to the women who believe in themselves and to the men who believe in women…..

A Big Thank You and a very Happy Women’s Day to each and everyone of you…


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