10 Books For The New Moms To Keep Their Sanity

books for new momMotherhood is the best thing that can happen to us but let’s face it, it is the most tiring job ever. Constant attention seeking baby, sleepless nights and what not!

Being a new mom may be difficult but it doesn’t have to make you insane and feel miserable. Here is a list of books that besides answering your parenting questions, will help you keep your sanity while you are juggling through all your roles.

[Disclosure: These books can be with you when you need a logical answer but those sleepless nights and meltdown? You have to face them by yourself honey.]

On that note lets start with the list of books for all you new moms out there:

1. Passport to a Healthy Pregnancy

This was personally my go-to book throughout my pregnancy and even a few months after that. Written specifically for Indian moms, it covers all you will ever need to know about pregnancy and baby care.

The myth busters are its highlight. So, next time when your Mom or MIL tells you “don’t go out on an eclipse day” or “don’t eat papaya for the first few months of pregnancy”, show it to her or better yet, make her read the book.

2: One Hot Mama

postpartum exercise
Image: Amazon

Today’s mommies want to bounce back to their pre baby body as soon as they can. While that is important, getting your mental strength back is equally necessary.

Slimmer waists and messed up heads is doing no good to anyone.This book will indeed make you ‘One Hot Mama’ inside out.

Read the complete article here. And hey do comeback to let me know if you have read or are likely to read any of these books in those initial months.

What is/was your go-to book while pregnancy and post-partum? Leave a comment and let me know!

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