#Momgoals: 5 Goals Every Mom Should Aim For This New Year

No! “Eat healthy” and “lose weight” are not in the list.                

Because really who are we kidding?

Still want to read ahead? Super! We may totally get along!

mom goals

Come January and we are all about reflecting upon the year gone by. There are things we wish we had done differently, people we should have spent more time with, places we wanted to explore but couldn’t…… and the list never ends seriously.

And for all you moms out there, I know how difficult it can get to strike off these things from your to-do list. Almost every time, life gets in the way, doesn’t it? No matter how hard you try to keep up, there is ALWAYS something/someone who has to be taken care of. And heck, we DO NOT even get appreciated for it!

Rather there is always a neighbour, the aunty you have just met or even a friend, who questions your parenting decisions.

“You let your kids eat chips?? I would never do that!!”

“Duh! I wish they could eat up your brains right now!!”

These incessant nags and never-ending efforts to become that perfect mother leaves us drained out.

So for this new year, lets join hands and resolve to make our lives as a mom a hell lot easier and stress-free. How?

1: Don’t give a shit about what others think of you as a mother

No matter how hard you try to do things perfectly, you will be wrong for someone or the other. Just know that you are doing what is best for your kid and family. Next time when someone says, “I wouldn’t allow my kids to eat chips”, just say “good for you” and be done with it.

2: Spend some gadget-free mom-child time every day

You don’t have to spend the whole day with your kid, but make sure you spend a good amount of quality time with your little ones. The dishes, your emails or Facebook can wait. Believe me you will be doing this not only for child but for yourself too.

Trust me you will miss them when your children get older, so enjoy these mama-child  moments as long as you can.

3: Do what makes you happy as a “WOMAN”

Want to go to a movie? Craving a kid-free weekend with your besties? Do it, I say!

Leave your kids to their grandparents or hire a babysitter and go to that spa date or whatever that makes you happy. You deserve it lady. After all Happy moms raise happy kids…

Plus, your husband and children will love the renewed and refreshed you. If someone says you are being selfish….blah..blah…blah…just refer to resolution #1.

4: Don’t compare your child with anyone else’s

My baby is 15 months old and she still hasn’t learnt to walk independently. As a mother I get worried, that is quite natural. When I see other toddlers her age walking like a pro, I admit I feel miserable.

But I have learnt to let it go now. She speaks more words and sentences than anyone I have ever seen at her age. Children are different, have different talents, personalities and interests.

So don’t compare your child with anyone else’s and disappoint yourself or your kid. Encourage them but don’t push. Give those poor little things a break.

5: Go on a date night  with your partner

This basically applies for the new moms out there. (My baby is 15 months old and I still consider myself a new mom, so yes, you can go liberal on that.) We are so caught up in the diaper changing, breastfeeding and clicking more than a hundred pictures of our babies, that we tend to forget that we have husbands too!!

When was the last time you went on a date with him? Don’t remember? Thought so! Plan one right away! You may not want to leave your couch initially but trust me, you will feel a lot better afterwards.

Go out, take vacations, eat out as much as you can while your baby is small and is exclusively on breastfeed/formula. After 6-7 months, once they start eating solids, travelling with a baby becomes a lot more complicated. (Complicated but totally doable AND enjoyable. Read some must-know tips on travelling with a baby)

Basically this sums it up. These are my  mom goals for 2017 and I know I am going to stick to them for this year and beyond. I have my mommy super-power ready.

Bring it on 2017. I am prepared. Are you?        

What are your mom-goals for this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

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