7 Things Every Mom Wishes for her baby girl (From a mom’s heart)



Tell a mom to make a wish and chances are she will wish for her child to be happy, for her to get what she desires or something or the other that revolves around her child. You will know this if you are a mom, right?

Even before I was expecting, I knew I wanted a baby girl. (yeah, go ahead and call me biased). When I got pregnant, all I could think of was how would my girl look, sound or smile? Will she call mama or Papa first? I wished she grew up to be a successful woman. In fact I would day dream about a picture perfect life for her and wished all of it to be true.

So when I heard “ITS A GIRL” in the OT,  you can imagine the levels of my happiness! But know what? Instead of living that perfect life, I was in a  complete dilemma. From the moment I held her in my arms to the time I celebrated her first birthday, I found myself worrying a hell lot about my Parenting decisions.

Reading thousands of those How-to books that teach you everything your baby needs didn’t help. Trust me, they didn’t. Neither the fact that however you choose to raise your baby, you are wrong for someone or the other. There will always be an aunt who thinks you don’t put your baby to bed at the right time. There will always be a not-so-recent mom who is eager to give you that “I never did this/that with my kid and look how brilliant/adorable/put whatever baby shit you want, they are now”


Only after I reached that first year milestone successfully, I started to think good about myself again. My baby (officially a toddler now but I am still not ready to call her that. So bear with me) is a happy and a healthy baby and that is what that matters, right?

Thank God I have gotten some perspective now. I have shifted my focus onto bigger things in life-Things that really matter.

I now remember the things I used to wish for her before I got caught up in diaper changing, stroller choosing and other things that came with baby.

I have finally got some sense now and listed those wishes for my baby girl in writing so that I don’t lose my focus again and rise up to raise a child who is happy and believes in spreading that happiness.

Here they are

7 things I wish for my baby girl that really matter:

I wish she grows up to be-

1: A confident but humble lady

I have often seen people who are confident sound brash sometimes. I wish Pearl grows up to be a confident lady but never forgets her manners.

2: One who accepts both victory and failure with grace

If you have achieved something you worked really hard for, don’t be too modest to accept the victory/prize. You deserve it. But if you lose, accept the fact that the winner deserved it more than you. I wish Pearl understands this perspective in life.

3: A body-positive woman

I don’t care what the society will have decided to be an ideal lady-figure, 10 years from now, but I wish and hope with all my heart that my daughter understands that it is her body and not something for others to judge. That she is comfortable in her skin and body and love herself the way she is. That she eats her dessert wholeheartedly if not frequently and maintains a healthy lifestyle to be just that- Healthy and not to achieve some unachievable body figure.

4: One who values her own worth

There will be times when someone mistreats her or doesn’t give her the respect and importance that she deserves. I wish she understands she is worthy of much more than that and has the courage to keep distance from such person/relationship.

5: A lady who indulges in small bits of luxury

Getting a spa, a massage, eating in fine china, buying that expensive watch you have been craving for, going on a vacation, all of these have their own perks. You do not have to wait for someone who does all this for you. I wish she treats herself with such luxury and more.

6: Someone whose dreams are bigger than her accomplishments

It’s great when you get what you desire but it’s greater when you dream to achieve things bigger than what you already have and work hard to get them. I wish she keeps learning and growing in life.

And most importantly,


7: An independent woman:

I hope my baby girl grows up to be a feisty and an independent lady. Even if she has a man in her life who can provide for her and support her lifestyle, I wish she finds a way to provide for herself.

I wish these and tons of happiness and love and success in her life.

What about you mommies?

What is that one wish you would like to make for your baby? Share in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “7 Things Every Mom Wishes for her baby girl (From a mom’s heart)

  1. Juz loved it!!!
    Though I am not expecting, neither I m planning to conceive recently..
    But ya i always dream of a baby girl and ya I read all your blogs😊
    Loved it😊♥️


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