Baby’s first Diwali: Safety checklist and fun ideas


The idea of celebrating Diwali with your baby can be a little daunting yet exciting at the same time. I can feel you mommies.I was in your shoes just a year ago.

Being a new parent, its very easy for us  to worry ourselves to death about our baby’s safety. It is our first priority and it should be. While you need to protect your baby from all the noise, pollution (and sometimes from the guests too;) ),  it is equally important to just give in to the festivities, have fun and make memories with your little one. After all this is what Diwali is all about.

Yes safety is important so lets go through a very brief  Diwali checklist to make sure your baby is comfortable and safe on this day.



Now that the most important safety issue is sorted, just sit back and take a deep breath. Most of time we end up worrying for nothing. Instead lets focus on the happy part, shall we? Because what is  Diwali without some fun family time?

Make the most out of your baby’s first diwali by including her in all the festivities. Don’t think they are too small to understand the celebration and all. Anything new, bright and out of the mundane excites your baby. Trust me, she will love all the energy around her

Here are a few ideas on how to turn your baby’s first diwali into a special memory:

1: Go matching

Matching dresses are fun and make a perfect photoshoot prop. Stand in front of a mirror and show your baby your matching outfits. Your baby may be too small to understand similarities but she will love mimicking mama on the mirror.

2: DIY Diwali decor:

For infants (0-6 months): Make paper lanterns or just cut strips of coloured papers and hang it in place of the mobile cot or tie it on the pram for your baby to play with. Keep it at a safe level so it doesn’t end up in your baby’s hands or mouth.

For older babies: Be as creative as you can get. Try  using flowers to make different rangoli patterns together. It will be more like scattering flowers on the floor  but they look good either way so no worries. You could also try decorating earthen diyas. Use organic colours or berry juices to colour your baby’s hands and decorate the diyas with their finger or palm prints.  Don’t forget to show it off as your Diwali decor.

3: Don’t lock them up in a room:

Light up some sound-free fireworks (that don’t make much noise) like phooljharis, anaar, chakri and other lightworks that create beautiful patterns on the sky in the early evenings.(You may want to avoid peak celebratory hours though. Read safety measures #7 )

Let your baby enjoy them through a glass window. Let them soak in the festivities instead of staying locked up in a room. Ofcorse you will have to keep an eye on her ALL THE TIME especially if she has started crawling or walking but it will be totally worth it.

4: The puja ceremony

Let your baby be a part of the Lakshmi Puja ceremony. Its never too early to introduce our babies to our culture and traditions. They may not understand the meaning of it yet but it helps building faith later on in life.

Pearl started folding her hands and bowing in front of deities since she was 7 months old. Thanks to her great-grandmother who would make her sit on her lap every morning during her morning puja. No I am not bragging, point is, babies can amaze us with their learning abilities so we need to use it wisely.


We moms never fail to capture our baby’s every single milestone do we? Your baby’s first diwali is also one such  important one. You may be busy decking up your home with special diwali decors, attending guests and preparing for the puja but do take some time out for your baby. Play, laugh and capture the moments.

SO that’s it mommies. Wish you all and your babies a very Happy Diwali!! Stay safe and enjoy.

How do you plan to celebrate your baby’s first diwali?

If you have a toddler, how did his/her’s first diwali go? Did you take any other precaution that you might want to add to this list? Please share your experience in the comments below.

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