Long break from blogging- Why am I not guilty?

It is almost one year since my last post here. It was about Rakhi and Rakshabandhan 2016 is just around the corner. Gosh! That was definitely not what I had planned for the year 2015. But there were other things that went exactly the way I thought. This past year opened a completely new chapter of my life and I couldn’t be happier. I have a lot going right now so you see this break is kind of justified.  (Okay it’s not, who am I kidding?). Here is a low down on why I took a year long hiatus from blogging.


Yup, that is the new chapter I was talking about. I am a mom now! Yay! I gave birth to this cute little girl on September 2015.



Wow! Where did all the time go? It feels just yesterday when I held this 2.5 kgs of total cuteness for the first time and couldn’t believe the love…overwhelming love that filled my heart. Now suddenly I see her crawling all around the home and creating mess I never thought I would find adorable.

Pearl (yup thats what we have named her!!) will be turning one next month and God this year whizzed by in a jiffy!  There were moments of doubt and frustration (happens with everyone, I checked!) but all in all a wonderful wonderful experience.  She takes up most of my time. If I am not busy in feeding, night waking, poo wiping and some cuddling sessions, chances are I am taking very many pictures of her. (Did I just use poo and cuddle in the same sentence? Only a mom can do that, I bet!)

Freelancing: Working for Clients

Yes, I did take up projects during this time and tried to achieve as much as I can (which was not much) while keeping my sanity. I know I know what you are thinking. If I could manage writing for someone else, hell I should have done that for my blog too. But you see it’s quite different. When you are getting paid for writing, you will, no matter what find time for typing away. Apparently I haven’t monetized my blog yet and freelance blogging is my only source of income. (My blog did get me some worthy projects though) Could I give that away? Hell No! Money matters. There I said it. Call me greedy but really who isn’t?

Being a work-at-home mom is not as easy breezy as it sounds. You don’t get to sit all day in your pjs typing your heart out. (I wish!). But I am onto planning new schedules now that she is a pre toddler. I am trying to accommodate my little ones’ timings to my working schedule so let’s see how that pans out.

Just plain laziness

Okay let’s get down to the main reason of my break from blogging. I got tired lazy.  (I am a new mom, remember?) Could I blog if I gave it a serious thought?  Yes, I think. I could have done at least one post a week if I planned well but as I said I was just too lazy to do it. I was like a completely different person from what I used to be. It was like my hormones were mocking at me and checking my patience.

But after almost a year, I am finally feeling myself again. I went to a lot of short trips with my hubby and baby.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Let’s keep the details for another post). All these trips did wonders to my brain and soul. And here I am back, all rejuvenated and ready to take on the blogosphere again. I am sure I can handle motherhood, work from home and maintain my blog and not go bonkers. Wish me luck!

Have you ever taken a break from blogging? May be life got in the way or just you know wanted some time for yourself? Ever did that?



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