In search of a network faster than Airtel 4G..

Airtel recently launched 4G internet services across 296 cities in India. The company claims that it is the fastest network available and promises to pay your mobile bills for lifetime if you have a network faster than Airtel4G.

Now that caught my attention. Just imagine how easy life would be if there were no mobile bills to pay!

Currently a 3G subscriber, I was quite happy with my internet speed and download times.


Ofcorse this occasional buffering image was quite irritating but I was accustomed to it. Who isn’t anyway?

So with all hopes high I started my search for a network that was faster than Airtel 4G.

I started with the #airtel4Gspeed test that is the rage in social media right now.


I downloaded Instagram and it was done in just 40 seconds!!

Now we all have downloaded apps from our 3G network  and we know the amount of time it takes for a full download. I didn’t need to do a test to compare the download time here, did I?

Slightly sad with the results (yes, I was damn excited about the speed but I was in search of faster network remember?) I decided to switch to Airtel4G from my current provider to check their speed on my handset. Yes, I can do that for no mobile bills for lifetime!!

I headed on to their website to see more details.

It was really simple. There were some prerequisite one had to meet:

  • Check if your handset was 4G ready?
  • You should have 4G sim.(They are giving existing customers a free upgrade from 3G to 4G)
  • Whether you have a 4G plan?

Luckily my phone was 4G ready and though I wasn’t an existing customer I switched to Airtel4G.

As soon as my sim got activated I went on to checkout the speed of this network. It really is unbelievably fast. I downloaded videos, songs, apps and even full movie to compare it with my previous network speed. Airtel4G is clearly a winner

I can now do all these amazing things at the click of a button:

  • Watch lag free HD videos
  • Video chat with friends and family without being stuck in the middle.
  • Download songs in a jiffy.
  • Open my attachments even before I complete reading the email.

So yes, I have to pay my own mobile bills now for lifetime but that is totally worth it as compared to the network I have with me right now. I am super happy with the new pace I have acquired with my online life. Airtel really has it kicked it off this time. I cant deny the fact that Airtel 4G is indeed the fastest network ever! Can you?

Head on to their official website to find more details..

Airtel you rock!!


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