#StartaNewLife: My new life with freelance blogging

Change they say is the only thing permanent in life. Yet we are afraid of the mere thought of it. We want a basic mundane routine and somehow feel safe and secured in the bubble we have created around us. We get attached to that routine of ours so deeply that we can’t imagine bringing any change to it.

It happens to many of us. For me, my life changed when I was married. Mine was an arranged marriage. My husband is a well established businessman. A business which I had no interest in. The place we live in is a small town with no job offers according to my profile.

Initially I was confused and not sure of what to do about my career. No one could understand why I wasn’t interested in joining the business. Well I didn’t want to work just coz the sake of it. I wanted to do something I really enjoyed. And that’s when I decided to become a freelance blogger.

In today’s competitive world, where people only dreamt of the kind of business opportunities that lay in front of me, I not only rejected them but chose a career which wasn’t even considered a full fledged career by many.

My decision was a major change to what people were accustomed to. No one approved of it. There were times when even I doubted myself. But after many such low moments and almost a year later, my hard work along with a lot of patience and perseverance, the results began to show.

No not that the business magically took off and I lived the life of my dreams. No but actually I was able to pay the bills from the money I earned from freelance writing.

The fact that I was able to contribute my part to the house gave me immense pleasure.

I started loving each part if it. From developing ideas to write about, to pitching them to prospective clients, the long wait before their reply, I loved everything about freelance writing.

Today when I look back about my career choices, I do not regret a single thing about it. May be I could have earned a lot more in a regular 9-5 job but would I have been equally satisfied? I don’t think so. It felt as if I started a new life with freelance blogging.

I am proud that my creativity has not lost in the rat race. I am proud that I was able to believe in myself to bring about such a major change in my life.

Today, I can’t say I am completely independent financially but I know I will reach there. I am on the right path and that is what matters the most. Not the resources I have, or the skills I can hone, but the choices I make. Choices, that bring positive changes in life.

If you too want to give your life a better turn of events, bring about changes for good, just believe in yourself. And if  your change is as bold as to move to another place let Housing guide you.



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