Four surprises for four years of togetherness…

My husband is a very busy man. Being a businessman is not all roses as it seems from a distance. Busy schedules, stressful days and sometimes no weekends.. Yes, that’s the life of a business owner.

But Even in his this hectic schedule, my husband always magically finds time for me, have celebrated every occasion with me and went out on late night long drives and what not.. He has never missed a single chance of letting me feel loved and special..

So this valentine’s day I have decided to make this day so special for him that he will remember it and cherish it for his lifetime..
Afterall men deserve some pampering as much as we women do…Don’t they?

So when I was given a chance thanks to Baggout, to write about my dream valentine day and that too with me blessed with some Super Powers!!! I pounced on this opportunity right away. Thats what I would really need, Super Powers… to make a super special day for him. Else the day would go by and he would continue giving orders, discussing rates and shouting in the phone as he always does.

Using my super powers I would solve all his business related issues for the day and have him and his cellphone free.
Now that he would be with me with an undivided attention, I am all set to sweep him off the floor and magically teleport him to a place away from the city’s hustle bustle right in the lap of the nature.
Yes, Panchmarhi it is for us. The perfect place for us. Not too far away but far enough from the stress and pace of the city.

I would love to watch him wake up in a comfy bed of one of the resorts of Panchmarhi to the smiling sun and chirping birds.. A perfect start to a very romantic day…
I have decided to give him four gifts throughout the day celebrating the four years of our love and togetherness.

To the start the day, I would order room service and serve him breakfast at bed myself..

Ofcourse with a gift nicely wrapped and placed on the breakfast tray along with the food.
I could totally imagine the look on his face by now.. Confused, happy and at peace.. Oh How I would love to watch it in real. After a sumptuous breakfast at bed we would head on to the swimming pool to chill.

It’s kind of an unwritten rule for me and my husband that no holiday is ever complete without a dive in the pool. That’s the best place for us. He teaches me some of his strokes and I love it.

After a refreshing swimming session I would lead him to a spa treatment which I would have booked already. Nothing is more of a stress buster than a divine head and body massage. I hope this will relax and invigorate his body and mind.


As we would enter our room after spa, he would be surprised by a gift again, waiting on the bed for him. It would be a pair of denims and a tshirt which I want him to wear that very day..

We would then head on to indulge in the splendours the place has to offer. From the scenic view of satpura ranges to buying souvenirs for our dear ones from the local market, the day would be spent with gazing at the nature’s work together, hand in hand walks and smiles and love galore..

In the evening I would take him to a cafe for a cup of coffee where the waiters would greet him personally and there would be a band ready to sing for us..20150208-163249.jpg
And there on the table, reserved for both of us lies my third gift of the day. 

A Rado watch which I have been saving up for a year to gift my husband on this special day.

I would leave no stone upturned to make him feel as special as one could.

Afterall everything that he does for me, for the way he makes me feel when I am with him, the way he makes me forget everybody and everything but him, he truly deserves an evening of this kind.

“Ek shaam mere hubby ke naam”

By now we would be eager to return to our room and spend the night in each others’s arms. As we would enter our hotel room, a large picture collage of both of us would welcome us from the wall behind our bed.
20150208-160610.jpgMy fourth and the final gift of the day.

A proof that our love is eternal….
A reminder of the years spent well in love….
Special moments captured in a frame to cherish forever…
A perfect trip down the memory lane…

After discussing and reliving every moment showcased in the picture we would give in to the night with a smile on our faces. A smile that can only come when you know there will be someone to wake up with on your side every morning for the rest of your life.

Yes, that’s how I would love to spend my valentine’s day this year. A day of love where I can make my love feel special as he makes me feel every other day…

Ps: I haven’t disclosed my first and third gift of the day because they are really special and personal which I would want to share only with my love:)

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By- Sweety Pateliya


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