Darlings “Take Care”


Once upon a time I,
used to be a famous dame,
Guys wanted to be with me,
Girls wanted to be me,
All because my skin was
as clear as porcelain.

Being stared at my flawless face
Was something I secretly loved,
The attention, the pamper, the love
That I got, said I was beyond the race.

One day I woke up all rise and shine,
And went on to admire my beautiful face,
Noooooo…. I screamed, it can not be me,
But The pimple on my face just mocked at me.

Not even in my wildest imagination,
Had I thought, how a teeny weeny pimple
Can cause a hell lot of problems, everyday
Every second, a pimple is working
To feed on your reputation.



“How can a pimple affect you?”

Asked my mom, worried.
“What real problems can it give at max
And I started counting my hardships…


Guys who once praised me,”20150129-213622.jpg
Looked at me with a shock at first,
Slowly they stopped even noticing me.


I was just an ordinary girl now
Not the famous lass that I was,
I slowly was turning into a clam,
Scarves, hats or open bangs,
Just Didn’t add up to my glam.


Makeup brushes and concealer,
Became my best friend, shrouded my
Originality under layers of makeup,
But even they defied me after a few hours,
Cracking open and revealing the bulge.


I looked older
and sad,
Losing my confidence did not help,
The important meeting and presentations
were spent not thinking about my facts and figure,
But worrying about my pimply face.

Multani mitti, lemon, tulsi, Chandan
I tried all but in vain,
even the treatments that cost me a bomb,
Just couldn’t ease my pain.


I want my fame back,Mom,

My face and confidence too,
And when she realised how her princess
Has been affected by a lowly pimple,
She gave me a face wash with natural ingredients

Said, it will help me in worst of times.

It’s been a year and I have never had
a pimple or any skin problem so far,

The goodness of neem has finally worked,
finally I have No Pimple No Marks!!!

Thank you Garnier, thanks a ton,
For giving back my beauty, my fame,

All you beautiful people out there,
If you ever have a problem like mine,
Don’t panic dont cry and no don’t you whine,

Do what Garnier tells you to do
Darlings just “Take care”

Disclaimer: All the pictures used have been searched from the Internet and edited by me.



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