The great Indian litterbug.

Chewing the tobacco is my favourite pass time,
Rubbing it with some chuna, gives me a high,
Rub rub and clap, toss into the mouth,
Find the nearest wall to spray,
Paint it red and see it sparkle.

I am the great Indian Litterbug
I love all the muck.

Yahan Peshaab karna mana hai they write,
To kahan karna I ask with pride,
Nature’s call waits for none,
I water the wall with good intention.
Me relieved, the wall warmed up.

I am the great Indian Litterbug
I love all the muck.

Oh that candy wrapper is sticky,
Throw away I say to my kid,
Dirty the roads, lanes and alleys
But remember, never mess your
House and hands, and out goes the
Sticky paper.

I am the great Indian Litterbug
I love all the muck.

I clean and sweep and dust my house,
Mop the floor and scrub the loo,
And I collect the waste and throw it out,
Where else can I find a place,
Heaped with plastic, peels and the scrapes?.

I am the great Indian Litterbug
I love all the muck.

Hello everybody. I am the great Indian litterbug. I am a very generous person by heart. So generous that if eat a banana and throw the peel on the road for a cattle to eat. After all they too need something to eat.

I believe in sharing and that is why I throw the garbage of my house on to my neighbour’s roof. After all sharing is caring.

I am an artist and love all things artistic. So whenever I see a bare sad wall I paint it red and boosts its spirit instantly. After who/what doesn’t like a pop of colour? And I am so good at it that I can do it with just my mouth.
Sometimes on a cold chilly night or even day, when I see a wall shivering with cold I do not hesitate to warm it up. Yes, I water it with my warmth.

Not only this. I love children and how they used to make paper boats and play in the rains. Nowadays I do not see that happening. So whenever I get the chance I spit on the roads forminfpg small puddles of after in the potholes of indian roads. Now the children can easily play with their paper boast in my pools.

Sometimes when I go to someone’s place and their furniture is too blah! I pick my nose and add my jewels on to the sofa. Instantly its all shiny and blingy.

See, I am such a giving person. And a kind hearted one at that. If you ever want anything just come to me. I am sure you will never go empty handed. Because you see,
I am the great indian litterbug.
And I love all the muck.


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