Are you a girly girl or a plain Jane? Somewhere in the middle?







Meet a girl for the first time and before she even opens her mouth and utters a word we start comparing her to the unwritten but well known social standards of a girl.
Is she wearing a fashionable dress? Aah she is outgoing and intelligent. Wearing makeup? Just confirmed my conjectures.

Is she bare face? No makeup? She is not a modern day woman. Under confident probably.

A girl is often judged by her looks. She is either a fashion junkie (Were you expecting a diva or a fashionista? Today fashion has become so addictive to many that junkie seems the perfect word for it) or a plain Jane.

Our brain categorically puts every girl we see on either section. And since first impression lasts forever if you happen to see a fashionista in her bad skin/hair day that is that what you make of her all your life? No matter how high she wears her heels on your next meeting how she totally rocks her makeup.
Needless to say the vice versa.

What about other hundreds of girls who have strong personalities and either of the two categories are just not enough to describe them?

Take me for example.

Looks wise I am not a 34 28 36 piece of a perfect body. Neither do I put myself on constant programmes to achieve that. I eat healthy, live healthy and appreciate my curves.
As a person, I am not one of those who cry in the last scenes of romantic movies, or who hold hands with their partner and sit under a tree or go mad at their husband/boyfriends for not spending enough time with them. (we do argue a lot, me and my husband. We are humans after all!!)
I instead enjoy my me time with a book, or a pedicure at home.

I never drew hearts in my notebook neither did I fill my books with initials of me and the ones I had crush on. I don’t like all things bling and shiny.

I am just not wired that way. In school and college, I was a tomboy. ( Now that is again a new category!! how could I forget??)
Not a short hair-jeans-tees-sneekers kind of tomboy. Lets settle with a fashionable one. I took up fights, argued, bunked classes, went shopping, studied hard during exams but chilled out all the year.

Makeup is something I love but wear it as and when needed. I don’t hide under layers of it. I rather use it to accentuate my best features. (No not for people like you to put me into the fashion junkie section.But for myself. )

Mostly I am without makeup when I am grocery shopping or running errands. Presentable always. Nice clothes, nice shoes, nice personality, nice smile a lip balm (tinted mostly) and I am usually good to go.
I don’t wear makeup while going to the parlour for a makeup session!! Or even worse at the gym or at my badminton club!! Like you would expect from what you call a fashionista.

So yes you get the idea. I am not a girly girl!! Not a plain Jane either. Then how would you describe me and thousands of other women alike?
Who love to dress up yet are not afraid to show their bare faces?? Those who love their souls more than their looks?

I am not against fashion or makeup. In fact I am all in favour of it. But I don’t fall under society’s pressure. On its definition of a perfect girl. I value myself more than that.
So here’s a suggestion to those wondering which category do I fall into??

Stop judging a girl by her looks I say. Or how she chooses to make an appearance in public.

If you can’t force your judgmental brain to rest, at least get to know her better. The real her. And only then give your not so needed judgement.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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