Kitna chain hota hai na sacchai mein..

Lies, hidden facts, truth half told… These come out of us with more spontaneity and confidence than the truth. At least for me in some situations.

Be it taking sick leaves from college for a movie with friends or going for a night out at a friend’s place in the name of a relative’s funeral whom my mind had just givem birth to then and there….

I admit it I never regretted those lies. They were told with no harm intended and
we ended having so much fun. But gradually they became a habit and before I realised I could lie without even blinking an eye.

It was in the last year of our college when we had planned a girls night out and were about to stay at friend’s place after partying. We lied to our warden. Our localite friend was also a part of it. She said she had some Pooja at her home that will continue till late night. She even wrote a letter on her father’s behalf and faked his signature to make the lie more convincing. Ofcorse the warden allowed us.

Just when we were out of the campus, my brother called up. Now my family would never have approved of me going out at night with friends. So I had not bothered to ask them. Living in a hostel had its pros and cons. But this was not I had planned. I went to a silent place, gestured my friends to stay quiet and told my brother that I was studying.
He talked to me about the usual and hung up.

I was relieved and off we went to party. But from that moment on, I became very restless. As if something was wrong. I had lied earlier but never to my family. This was the first time and this stressed me out badly.
I couldn’t concentrate, there was this incessant feeling of burning inside my chest as if I was carrying a burden of some kind.

I realised I was ruining my friends mood as well and finally I decided to tell the truth. I called up my brother and told him that I wasn’t studying but was partying out with friends.

For a moment he could not say anything. He was hurt ofcorse. But then he asked about who all I was with, about my friends and told me to take care. He was happy that I told him the truth. He even told me to enjoy the night!! Unbelievable!!
he said and I quote “This moment will never come back again in your life. College life is one of the best phases in one’s life. Enjoy”

I was so happy and relieved at the same time. I enjoyed that night more than anyone and that is only because I chose to tell the truth.

Yes, it is difficult to choose truth over other things. Lies may help you come out of tough situations but a truth is the only thing that will give you immense satisfaction, happiness and of course will never put you into tough situation in the first place.

Seriously, कितना चैन होता है ना सच्चाई में?

This post is written for kinley happy hours contest for indiblogger.


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