Teddy Travelogues- Take your kid on a vacation this Christmas!!

Vacations… The word seems to bring a smile on the face of adult’s and children alike.
I used to live in a joint family where each day was a day of celebration for us. A trip to a nearby place every three months and a long trip once a year was an unwritten rule of our family.
As a child I loved these holiday trips and even today the trend continues as I watch my nieces go all excited about holidays.

Let me tell you I am very close with my nieces and love them more than anything on this world. Even today when we go out on vacations they are the ones who keep us all excited right from the planning part to packing our bags. In fact the first word my niece learnt to say after mamma and papa was chiching poool.. ( swimming pool, isn’t that cute??)

With kids on board, we go around places that otherwise we wouldn’t have visited. From zoos to amusements park to game zones, it is lovely to look at children going crazy. They have a tendency to bring out our inner child.

And oh how difficult it is to defeat them on that game arena!! No wonder you smile smugly and tell other adults you lost deliberately but c’mon who are you fooling, right?
From playing games to answering to their never ending super logical questions, you never get tired of seeing your energetic bundles of joy go crazy…( hell you tell them you are tired when do not know the answers….)
Kids pump up life into our vacations. They create magical moments that we treasure all through life.

I see a lot of parents these days get worried about taking children with them out on their vacations. They send them off to their grandparents. Everybody deserves a child free romantic get away and that it is quite okay But if you are doing it out of concern of your child’s health, think twice!!

When it comes to family vacations kids are more excited about them than we are.
Your fear is not a good enough reason why your kid can not enjoy.

Of course there are some things we should keep in mind to keep our children safe like inquiring about the place you are going to. Is it a beach or a hilly area?

Pack your kid’s clothes and lots of them according to the weather.

Medicines, food and first aid are a must.

It is important that you let your kids be out there and enjoy. They are children! If they won’t have fun, run around , play in the mud who will? Don’t nag continuously. In fact involve with your kids and play with them.
However make sure they are never NEVER out of your sight.

Now I am off to book my tickets to my home place and plan a superfine vacation with my nieces.

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t already planned a vacation this Christmas, do it now. Enjoy with your kids!!

If you still need some inspiration for planning your vacation with kids, visit Club mahindra’s teddy travelogues to read some amazing travel stories.


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