Where I find my muse

When the eyes are half closed
And lips half part
The first sip of tea
Waking up my core.

When the sun is at its peak,
And me in the kitchen,
Stirring the curry or
Tasting the stock

In the middle of a conversation
On the dining table
While waiting in the queue
At the nearest grocery store.

When I hear the temple bell
And am pulled towards it
When the nature is at its best
And no one stops to peek,

When it rains and form puddles
On the otherwise perfect roads,
While watching little children play,
in the ground and not with Phones.

Anywhere but with my laptop on,
when the cursor blinks but words defy
The otherwise creative mind goes blank
Like the screen waiting in the front.


Have you ever experienced such things? When you think your mind is full of ideas but when you try putting pen to paper ( fingers to keypad) they are just gone! Whoosh!! Do you stay calm and think of it as just a phase that will pass away? Or do you get scared to death like me and start having doubts about your creativity?

By- Sweety Pateliya

This post is inspired by a poem I read while browsing through WordPress freshly pressed a couple of days ago.


4 thoughts on “Where I find my muse

  1. This is so true and so me! Writers block often makes me doubt that maybe I have lost the creative streak in me. But thankfully it’s a temporary state and words often come back:)))


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