Lucky Six by fat cat – App review

When it comes to lucky draws or lotteries , my luck and I go opposite sides. I haven’t got lucky with even a rupee ever. Haven’t even won a single line in the game of housie for that matter. So when I heard of the game lucky 6, I thought “not for me” and moved on.

But being just a human, the game had stuck in mind and I downloaded it in a weak moment. I repeatedly told myself I won’t play it just get the idea of this whole thing. And the more I read the more I was convinced that it wasn’t some normal lucky draw kind of game. Confused? Let me give you an over view of lucky six.

What lucky six is all about?

This game has some pre loaded brand names arranged alphabetically. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a better understanding of it.

Lucky six gaming app

You have to select six ( hence the name lucky six)  brands that according to you will have the highest increase in their stock market in that particular day.

If your selections match with the actual highest increased brand names, you win the jackpot!! 25 lakhs rupees. For free!!

Each player also has a score depending on the performances of their chosen brand. This can viewed in the scorecard from the dashboard. Take a look,

lucky six gaming app

If by any chance no one wins the jackpot, the player with the highest score receives prizes in forms of holiday packages to places already decided by the company. Now this is a chance to finally go to your dream destination isn’t it?

The fun doesn’t stop here. The best part is you can share this game with your friends. And when they sign up they need to add your name as a referrer which is optional. If any of friend wins the jackpot, you receive 25% as a bonus!!
Ie you win 6 lakh 25 thousand rupees!
Isn’t that awesome??

Why share this app?

We have played so many games where we need to buy virtual currency to pass a level. And we have shared these games for fun and competition promoting these games and making them super success when we get nothing in return. This is the first game ever that gives us a chance to win by sharing.
And the most important thing is luck has as much to do with it as research. If you analyse the brands performances of previous days and do a bit more research about them, the jackpot can be yours!!

I loved the concept.


The app is

  • User friendly
  • Nicely conceptualised
  • Easy to use
  • Free to download.

This game will change the way people think about lotteries and lucky draws.

Learn more about the app here.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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