Ten unusual combo of books that I love

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Books have been with me since I was in school. I still remember my English teacher once asked who all have read mills and boons by now, and almost all the girls of my class raised their hands. I felt so embarrassed that I started reading books from then on.
First came the mills and boons, then The Malory tower series, Hardy boys, Nancy Drew and there was never looking.

Books were with me when I was completely depressed in life and it showed me way. You must have heard the famous quote “Books are ones best friends” and I completely live by this line. Give me a book and a corner and you will not see me again until I am done reading it.

Amongst all the wonderful books that I have read so far, some have made a special place in my mind and heart. Some taught me a lot, changed me as a person, some just gave sheer pleasure of reading it. Here are the books that have remained with me ever since I laid on hands on them.

1: Atlas shrugged– Ayn Rand

When I first saw the book I thought I will never be able to complete it. It was a slow read indeed but very interesting. When the real intelligent entrepreneurs, engineers and great minds go on a strike, the world stops working! Fascinating right?

2: Fountain head- Ayn Rand
Oh this book contains one of my favourite quotes of all times.
” the question is not who will give me work, the question is who will stop me” – Ayn Rand. Everyone of us at least those who have read this book at some point of time want to become like Howard Roark. How with no college degree and money he manages to be one of the best architects is a very inspiring read.

3: Siddharth- Herman Hesse
It is about the journey of a young boy named Siddharth who leaves his home in search of enlightenment. He meets Gautama Buddha but realises that each individual seeks unique answers in life. So he leaves Buddha to search for wisdom alone. What follows is love, diversion and being enlightened at the end.
Caution: This is a unique book on spiritualism and may not be liked by all.

4: Harry Potter series -J.k.Rowling
Fantasy was not my thing until I read Harry Potter. My school and half of college days went by reading HP books more than my syllabus ones.

5: Stars shine down -Sidney Sheldon
This book taught me there is nothing that women can’t do. Theres no line of business or work where we can say ‘this is not for women’.

6: The namesake- Jhumpa Lahiri
How Mrs. Ganguly tries to stay connected with her roots in India while trying to settle and mingle in the crowds of New York is quite a read.

7: Kane and Abel- Jeffrey archer
This was the first book of Jeffrey archer I had read and he became of my favourite authors of all time ever since. This book is the story of two twin brothers, during WWII separated on birth only to meet later in their lives as enemies. Now that I am writing this, I realise this story can make a great Bollywood blockbuster;)

8: Love in the time of cholera- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
I came to know about this book first while watching the movie ‘serendipity’.
I loved the movie so much that I wanted to read this book just because it was associated with the movie. A book buff friend of mine understood my urge and gifted me this book.

9: Collection of short stories – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Short stories by the same author again. This Russian author’s work creates magic. The myriad of emotions you go through while reading his stories is just insuperable. No stories are even remotely related.

10: The alchemist – Paulo coelho
Following your dreams and listening to your heart no matter what others say and think is what this book is all about. I have lost count of how many times I have read this book.
My favourite line from it is – “Maktub”, everything is written.

These are the books I have loved reading and can read again and again without getting bored.

Have you read any of these? Liked any?

By- S.R.Pateliya


10 thoughts on “Ten unusual combo of books that I love

  1. Me too read 3 of them.. & have started Atlas Shrugged(5 months earlier and have read about 7-8 books after that) and hopefully will be able to complete it some other 🙂 Will read the remaining.. Keep reading Chinks 😉


    1. That’s exactly the part that made this book one of my favourites. Loved it. Felt it lived it though I have never been outside India before. Glad that you liked my list:)


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