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This is the first time when an Indian author has collaborated with one of the world’s bestselling authors to write a book. James Patterson is known for his fast paced and highly dramatic fiction thriller. So, when you hear about such a book, either your expectations automatically goes sky-high or you shrug the book off thinking it as stupid publicity.

The book opens with a murder of a female Thai doctor in a hotel in India. The body is found in the bathroom with a yellow scarf around its neck, obviously used to strangle her.

Her hands tied with strings. A lotus and a fork attached to each one. And a Viking toy helmet to one of her toes.

Several murders happen in similar fashion, the yellow garrotte being common in all and the uncanny objects changing every time and you know there is a serial killer in loose.

Santosh Wagh, head of the Private India, a detective agency is the hero of the book with an encyclopaedic mind. A man with a troubled past and a drinking problem.
The character reminded me of Dr. House in the House series with a cane in hands and a limp in the walk. But I digress.

The Mumbai police has handed over this case to the detective agency. How Santosh 20140905-174006.jpgWagh and his team connect the dots and solve the mystery is all the book about.

The characters are pretty strong. You can actually visualise the whole team. But a subplot going in parallel with main case and the introduction of the God man, Nimboo baba (really? Nimboo baba?) and the don Munna Bhau, falls flat. It seemed that the two plots were forced together and none completed each other.

The touch of mythology is interesting though. The fast pace of the story (thanks to James Patterson) along with Ashwin Sanghi’s detailed narration is quite interesting to read. But was it necessary to add too many trivial details just to give the book an Indian touch? This is what I leave for you to decide.

For me the book was interesting but definitely not as I expected.

Please share your views if you have already read the book.

By- S R Pateliya


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