Finding pleasure in the small things- Five things that add zest to my life

When the routine gets same
And things are mundane,
I love to add some zest to life
To feel once again alive.

Yes, sometimes it becomes a necessity to take a break, and just be me. No role plays, no expectations to fulfill, no masks to wear… Just me with the people I love…

Whenever I feel this urge to leave everything and rejuvenate myself, I don’t necessarily have to go in for a theraupatic massage or get going on a holiday ( though they are always welcome;) ) .
I find immense pleasure in small things in life.
I have always been the kind of a person who loves A flower in my garden, a good book, rains and the smell that follows even a smile from a stranger……
They really make my day…

So if I were to choose 5 things/places that add zest to my life, they would be

1: Chai in a tea stall

What can be more relaxing than having a cup of tea on the road with your bestie..

2: An unplanned drive at the wee hours of night
“Oh, I am too tired. Had a hectic day”, you say and then you hear your hubby say
“Common, lets go on a drive.. I will let you select the music”( I always select the music)
Now doesn’t all the tiredness vanish away with just the idea of a long drive, windows open, cool breeze blowing on your face….

3: Party with friends

Music, friends, dance…. Now what? was I bored? Really?

4: By a flowing river, I sit down and relax

Some me time along a seaside or a lake, experiencing its placidity is an experience that is beyond words….

5: Chocolate cake


And the picture says for itself…

By- Sweety Pateliya


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