The irresistible chocolate- The choco lava cake

There is just one thing, the sight or sound of which can boost up any girl’s spirits. No matter what time of the day or night it is, CHOCOLATES are simply irresistible.
When I was in college, me and bestie spent more time in the Cafe Coffee Day with our chocolate truffles than attending lectures. We could tell by the look in the eyes of each other when we were upset about something and we usually ended up in the cafe and choco lava was our usual.

The crisp hot layer of the cake with the dark chocolate liquid oozing out of it would make our eyes gleam. We would first poke the cake and watch the thick chocolate spreading itself on the pastry. A spoonful of just the hot chocolate sauce and the moment it touched the lips we would forget everything and go on a dreamy state… Then we would attack the cake pouring lots of chocolate sauce on it and boy… Each bite transformed us to heaven. How smoothly it would glide on our tongue and melted like butter inside. The white almond flakes looked beautiful on the dark melted lava. It added colour to the otherwise monochromatic dish. The slight cruchiness it brought to each mouthful was what made this dish simply irresistible.
And when by mistake if I would get chocolate at the end of my mouth, I would lick it away without being a shy.

Now I am in my home town and choco lava cake is not readily available here. Hell we do not even have a cafe here. So I tried to make my own version of it. Mixed cocoa powder, flour ( maida), baking powder and soda. Added butter and condensed milk to it and whipped it. Until it fell smoothly. After licking major portion of the rich creamy batter, I poured it in the mould and added some grated chocolate on top of it. And baked it. When the batter rose, the chocolate melted and gathered in the middle. Only to ooze out when I poke it…

Food indeed affects our mood. Next time when you feel low, just grab a choco lava cake and believe me you will thank me later on…

This post is for food is beautiful contest sponsored by borosil in association with indiblogger
By- Sweety Pateliya


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