Talk to someone, they say..

Talk to someone, they say.
It liberates heart.

The incessant feeling of burning inside,
the fire would turn everything,
every emotion into ashes.
And how I wish for the pheonix to rise again,
to make me feel all those feelings once again,
all those turmoils, the happiness that I once felt
only this time in a different way.

The four walls of the room seem to come closer
any minute any second, they may come crashing on me,
suffocating me to death.
I have to go out, somewhere alone, somewhere unknown
to keep myself alive.

Talk to someone they say,
It liberates heart.

Instead my fingers start dancing
On the keyboard, confidently,
like a pianist playing,
unshackling the core,
And then slowly, very slowly,
A smile begins to form on my lips,
Smile not of happiness, neither content
But one that comes with relief,
Like a heavy burden on mind and heart,
Is relieved onto the screen.

By- Sweety Pateliya

Image source: here


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