My verdict on Sunsilk Natural Recharge

Courier wala aya hai memsaab” called out my maid and I rushed to pick up my Sunsilk sample. I knew about it because that was the only thing I was expecting during that time. It was  the first ever sample  I was to receive from indiblogger and  I was eagerly waiting for it. Though I had already used Sunsilk shampoo before (if you are a regular reader, you will know that I am an ardent fan of Sunsilk yellow) I couldn’t wait to try the new Sunsilk recharge natural shampoo.

Sunsilk natural recharge

I was excited to see the sleek light green bottle laying delicately on a white satin cloth in a cute white basket. After all who doesn’t love some free stuff!! After running throughout the house showing off my sample bottles to everyone in the family     (It was my first sample!! What else do you expect?) I went to my room, opened the bottle and took a long sniff at the product and boy!!! I just loved that smell.

I started reading the ingredients and the product claims at the back of the bottle. (Yes, I read everything about the products I use) And the first thing that I noticed was,  it was paraben- free!!

Paraben free

I have a highly sensitive and acne prone skin and am advised by my dermatologist to use products without parabens. But I had no idea about the benefits or hazards of parabens in hair products. So I did my own research (googled it ofcourse) and learnt about the its negative effects on our body.

According to my newly acquired knowledge, Paraben is used in products as a preservative to increase its life. Studies show (Wikipedia says) that they are loosely carcinogenic and can be one of the contributors to breast cancer. A study in 2004 showed that the breast tumor samples contained paraben in concentration similar to what is found in cosmetics. Though there is no direct link of paraben with cancer but they may be one of the many reasons.

Okay I was highly impressed. Finding a paraben- free cream was in itself a herculean task for me and I got a shampoo sans paraben!! No wonder, Sunsilk’s collaboration with hair expert Jamal Hammadi has brought about many innovations in everyday hair care.

Now, I could not wait to see how my hair feels after using this. That night I oiled my hair to follow up with a hair wash next morning.

Like all other shampoos I have tried so far, it took me two washes to completely get rid of oil. The second wash required only a tiny dollop of shampoo and it gave a super clean scalp. But it alone didn’t do any good to my hair as it promises but when followed up with the conditioner, my hair felt very soft and lively. And the fragrance lingered on hair the whole day.

ginseng rootAlso while applying the conditioner, I didn’t see a lot of strands on my palm as in other products.  So definitely less hair fall. The ginseng root and oil present in the product might have something to do with it. I am not sure though.

  Now time for my final verdict

According to my experience of using the Sunsilk natural recharge shampoo and conditioner, I think it stays by its promise Sunsilk natural recharge .jpg

My hair does not feel weighed down and limp.  I see more bounce and shine in them after a couple of washes. However, I declare the conditioner to be the hero here. The shampoo just cleanses the scalp. My hair felt dry after using it. But then thats what shampoos do, they cleanse. Conditioners are the real hair treatments and this one is superlative.

Here is a before and after picture for you to decide for yourself.

Hair before and after wash
See the difference?

So will I purchase this again?



1: It gives what it promises. Soft hair and less hairfall ( strong and abundant)

2: It is extremely reasonable.

         180ml of shampoo bottle costs Rs.132.00

         80 ml of conditioner pack costs Rs.64.00

3: Has an awesome fragrance that stays throughout the day.

4: It is easily available;)

Anything that makes me give a second thought to it?

Hmmm let’s see.

1: Its counterpart sunsilk yellow gives softer mane than this one but the natural recharge range reduces hairfall while giving a soft texture.

2: If you are out of your conditioner, you can not use this shampoo alone. Result will be squeaky clean scalp but frizzy hair. During such emergencies I will recommend its tried and tested sister, Sunsilk yellow.

That’s about it! I will happily purchase the shampoo conditioner duo next time for a real treat to my tresses.

This post is written for Sunsilk.

By- Sweety Pateliya


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