Two beautiful girls

While poem searching last night on google I found out a feel good poem where being beautiful and sexy was related to mind and not the body.
That was something interesting.
It got me thinking the other way round. How beautiful and sexy girls are thought of as beauty without brains?

And thus this poem came into existence. Here is my take on beauty and brains…

Two beautiful girls


Beauty was I
Intelligent was she,
I loved heels,
And she higher grades.

Comfortable we were
each in our zones,
But people cant stop,
Comparing two girls.

I Work hard to match up,
Hardly do I get close,
At least they will see my effort,
I think, but it was never good enough.

They laughed at me,
Called me names,
Beauty without brains they said,
Is my love for fashion in vain?

Five years later,
She is an entrepreneur,
Me a supermodel,
I don’t know what they say anymore,
Neither do I care.

Here is the original poem I took the inspiration from.
Image source: here

By- Sweety Pateliya


2 thoughts on “Two beautiful girls

  1. Really nice, Sweety… So true.
    Ur poem has a cool combination of “Beauty & brains” 🙂
    Now over to the original poem.
    So nice that you have given credit 🙂
    People generally get surreptitiously inspired!!!


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