The escape- Flash fiction


As the train came to a stop she hurried to find her berth. She was travelling light with only a backpack for luggage which made it easier for her to walk amidst the crowd.

Not minding the spit that fell on her shoulders from a window passenger, neither did she react when someone accidentally, or so she imagined, touched her chest while crossing.

She moved ahead, pushing and elbowing and jumping along to make way. Nothing could stop her today because she knew it was her last chance.

“Meera!! Where the hell have you been? I have been searching for you whole day?” Shouted her mother.

Words began to form on her mind but could not reach her mouth. She had long since stopped talking to anyone in the family. And what was the point?
Her thoughts, her language was never understood and now she had stopped trying.

She headed towards her room ignoring all of this.

“Where do you think you are going? Didn’t you listen to your mother? Answer her.”

She looked at her dad’s face like she would have at a stranger’s. There was no compassion, no respect not even the sense of recognition.

“Oh so you noticed I wasn’t here all day?”

And before she could say anything else her father slapped her hard on face. That was the moment she had decided to leave this place for never to return back.

She looked at the ticket again to confirm her coach number.
The moment she boarded the train it started with a jolt, whistling along the way as if, in celebration of her freedom.


Image source: here

By-Sweety Pateliya


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