Kuch bhi karega for cricket man!!

End of 49th over… India needs two runs in the last 6 balls. Full toss. they go for a single this time. The throw is missed and they get back for two and md.kaif hits the last run. India WINS  by 2 wickets. One of the incredible one day matches the country has ever seen. 

‘Hum jeeeeeet gayeeeeee’ I shouted and stood up and raised my hand in victory and then suddenly I realised many pairs of eyes staring at me.

My higher secondary  boards were just over and I had gone to a prestigious tutorials institue the kind which offer crash courses and career counselling to confused students like me. They had convinced me I was born to be an engineer, gave me accomodotion and expected me to study in their library even in the wee hours at night.

But I digress, so it was the final match and me pretending to read that thick and disgusting R.S.Agarwal, listening to the commentary from my transmitter the whole time.So I stood there completely numb, not knowing where to look, what to say, and then just after a second the excitement passed on to the crowd as well and ‘yaaayyy’ they shouted in chorus.

That’s how crazy we Indians are for cricket. We unite, we organise get togethers, small reunions, Chai Nashta party over a match of cricket.

I even remember all of us going to the cafe next morning ( we did not have laptops and smartphones then) and to watch Dada dance with his shirt off at Lord’s saying things to Andrew Flintoff that should better be kept censored.



Then began the trend of IPL matches and the cricket craze went higher to another level.

Right from sneaking to the college guest house for that last shot (thats where the TV was kept for hostelites) to tipping our warden to let us watch her TV. Or be it lying about visiting the local guardian to watch the Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar hitting fours and sixes at a friend’s place, cricket has always been a part of our lives.

When the IPL fever has spread throughout the nation, the people in Vidharba (Maharastra) are seen crazy for HPL, Hinganghat primiere League, Our very own local T20 series. Total of 18 teams participate in this tournament and the winner of the series goes away with the whopping  prize money of Rs 1 lakh. My husband being one of the sponsors, I wish the Pacific Royals ( yes thats our team’s name;) ) win the series.

Here is a picture from yesterday’s match.

Local cricket tournament- Hinganghat primiere league
Chinks lounge

That is how crazy but serious we are about cricket. Be it gulli cricket, local tournaments or the international matches, we do everything and anything to be a part of it. Even if it means cheering from our seats in the audience.

imageEven as I write this in between the over breaks watching KIXP Vs CSK, I feel equally excited about the match as I felt in my local one.

I must say the  punjabis for a change are playing good this time and Priety is looking super gorgeous!!

Preity zinta waving flag for KIXP

My family is in Orissa ( yes it is and will always be Orissa for me not Odisha) is right there in the stadium watching every ball up close and me cursing myself at not being there.


But it is okay I can manage as I am watching the match live at starsports.com and I am loving it.

Did I say I am writing this article while watching the match simultaneously? Yes, as you all know when we bloggers start writing we lose track of time. It happened many a times and I missed some few important moments in the match.

But starsports.com has this cool action replay feature that makes catching up with the match quickly, no matter what time I come in. Cool isn’t it?

It also has a deferred live feature which provides a live video stream with a 5 mins delay!! isnt it amazing??As if I have not missed a single thing!! I just love it.


But the best part is its music video. I just cant keep myself from humming and dancing along when the …keep calm… kanna keep calm.. watch pepsi IPL on starsports.com….. tune plays on the TV.

This site is definitely an Oh – God – I – love – you – for- this  kind of a thing for all the cricket fans. No? You think I went overboard?

You won’t say that if you were a crazy cricket fanatic like me who bleed blue..

This post is a part of Cricket just got better! Activity by starsports.com in association with BlogAdda.com.

By – S.R.Pateliya




2 thoughts on “Kuch bhi karega for cricket man!!

    1. It is Sir. A lot of money and time is invested in such local tournaments. In fact the ground here (a private property) is so well maintained that The Vidharba cricket association has declared it be as good as an international cricket ground.
      Sad I could not take a better picture at night.
      SCPL….:)) that would be interesting:)


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