Body language decoded



  Hands at back, Hands in pocket

  Legs crossed at thigh or ankle

  The way you sit, The way you   walk

  Everything there, Shows what you thought.

 You look straight but eyes reveal

 The pretence you want me to believe,  

Don’t lower your eyes, Don’t increase the  pace,

Your virtues and vices, Are all over your  face!!!

Observing body language has always interested me. I love watching people in a public area and try to guess what is going on in their minds through the non verbal communication that their body does.

It also helps me  to identify when someone gives me a  fake smile or  helps me with an intention not good.

I am sure everybody has experienced this and can relate to it.

This hobby of mine has helped me understand people better.

How about you? Does observing body language interest you? Have you ever identified a lie told to you  because a facial expression or hands or shoulder’s of the person gave in and told the truth?




Image source: here


By- S.R.Pateliya


6 thoughts on “Body language decoded

  1. There is a television show called “The Mentalist.” In it the show’s protagonist, Patrick Jane, uses the power of observation and statistical analysis to decipher “secrets” about people as he helps solve crimes. I love using body language cues, stray statements that people make and seemingly casual questions to learn things about people who have no idea how I know things about them. Great fun. BTW- I love shopping too!


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