The sand castle

Once upon a time there was a girl named Iksha. Her parents were very poor and her heart broke to see her mother working day and night.

Iksha used to help her mother in the household chores as much as her tiny hands could do. Iksha’s father used to cut wood from the jungle and sold them in the village nearby.

Every night her father would tell stories of animals and tress and Iksha would would go in deep slumber while listening to them.

One day she accompanied her father to the jungle. She wanted to see how does it look. She wanted to see the river, the animals, the trees she had heard about in the stories.

While walking through the jungle she got very tired. So Iksha and her father took rest under a large banyan tree.
She was so exhausted that she slept immediately. Her father thought not to disturb her and laid beside her. He too fell asleep immediately.

picture credit: enlaimaginaciondekara

“O child, my visitor,
What brings you to my home?”

Iksha opened her eyes to see a beautiful woman with a long green dress standing in front of her.

“Who are you?” asked Iksha.

“I am the owner of this jungle. And all the jungles of this world. I am Mother Nature.”

replied the lady.

“I see you are very tired. Come let me take you to my place and give you some cold water to drink.”

“But my father is asleep here.”

“O don’t you worry my child. We will be back before he wakes up. You can bring some food and water for him too. Lets go.”

In no time, Iksha was standing in front of a magnificent sand castle.


“Remember, you used to play with mud and make castles out of it. You loved it so much. but nowadays you do not get time from all the work you have to do.

This is why you deserve to go in.

Come, my child.”

Iksha was amazed to see the castle. There were hundreds of doors and windows. The pathway to the main door was very long with trees and flowers running on the edge.

Her eyes were sparkling on seeing such a beauty.

‘No wonder jungle stories are so good’. She thought.

They went inside and a lady with a long glass filled with clear water was standing on the door.
She was wearing a large blue dress.

Pic credit:fun71

“Who is she?” asked Iksha.

“She is my eldest daughter, *Pani.” Said Mother Nature.

“Iksha do you remember, how you used to make paper boats and leave them in rivers? You used to get so happy watching the boat floating away” said Pani.

“You loved going to the beaches and rivers. At home you took care to close the tap when not in used. You never waste water. In fact you loved it always. I am very happy by your deeds.

You deserve this long glass of pure water. Purest in the whole world. When you drink this, all your problems will get washed away.”

Iksha, excitedly took the glass and drank the water in one go.

She was too happy that her poverty will finally  go away.
Her mother will never have to work again.

They went to the living room next. There was a huge wooden sofa with small cushions made of cotton. She had never seen such soft pillows. They sat there. She could not believe such a place existed. Everything was so beautiful and fresh.

Mother Nature then headed her to the backyard. It was a long stretch of trees and flower gardens.

As she began walking under the trees, the fruits and flowers automatically fell down on her path.

She picked a bunch of grapes, plucked one and put in her mouth.

It was so juicy and delicious, she had never had such grapes in the outside world.

“They are so sweet!! Why the grapes don’t taste like this at my place?” She asked excitedly.

“These are the purest fruits you are seeing my child. The fruits in your world are added with pesticides, waxed to look fresh and even pre-timely ripen for money.” Said the Mother Nature.

“I have made this castle, this garden to preserve my food and fruits.
You are a nature’s friend so you can have them as much as you can.”

She ate the fruits to her contempt then asked Mother Nature to take her back to her father.

As she reached the place she had left,  she heard her father say,

“You have already slept for hours honey. It is dark now. Lets head home.”

Iksha woke up with a startle. Her father noticed the bunch of fruits and vegetables lying behind her. He wondered where did they come from?

Iksha smiled and said “Papa these are the purest fruits in the whole world”

This post is for the nature’s friend contest sponsored by kissan in association with indiblogger.


2 thoughts on “The sand castle

  1. Ur Kid will be so lucky!! he will get to hear so many new stories.. 🙂 btw. nice one.. Didnt like the “hard returns” apart from that nicely written..

    On Sun, Apr 6, 2014 at 2:22 PM, chinks’ lounge


    1. Thanks kumar. But the hard returns were necessary. It is a children’s story and kids find difficulty in reading large block of content.
      I will look into it again. Thanks


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