The birthday gift

I take the shine from the moon mellow,
And give it to your eyes as dreams,

Steal some black from the dark night
And line your eyes beautifully with it,

Ocean lends its hidden treasure
And pearls adorn your neck

Sky sheds some of its blue
And I make a silken dress.

I take these all and keep it in,
the box of my years of experience,

And gift it on your birthday to,
get you ready for the world outside.

* * * *

Hello folks,

It is Friday again!!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the mothers.

As you know I am running a special woman’s day theme in the month of march. Expect one on every Friday of this month.

Keep coming for more.

Thank you.

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Do we have reasons to celebrate women’s day?

The plucked flower

She is a non westernised Indian woman yet independent.


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