She is a non westernised Indian woman yet independent…

Momtrepeneurs, business women, leading ladies. We have them in every field and the world knows them.

Today I am going to introduce you to a lady who may not be a who’s who but definitely stands firm on her feet. An independent, sole provider of the family.

Wearing a saree with her pallu covering her back she looks like any other housewife. She is one undoubtedly, besides being a teacher.

Without a mom, brought up and pampered by her father, the in-laws place with its strict rules showed a complete new side of life to her.

An educated young girl trying to balance the salt and chilly in her food while taking care of the palla that shouldn’t leave her head meanwhile.

Once gaining the mastery in the kitchen, she was considered fully settled in the family then.

She wanted to be a teacher and expressed her interest but was denied. (Yes, permission is required for such things if you didnt know already!)

As cliche it may sound she got the answer “ache ghar ki bahuyein kaam nahi karti” ( daughters-in-law of prestigious families don’t work for an income)

She continued her household responsibilities but never allowed her dream to die.

As they say destiny takes a toll, after 8 years of marriage her husband found himself in a difficult financial condition. She wanted to help.

After a lot of effort the family settled in her taking tuitions at the home itself.

Its been 10 years now she is teaching, she owns a training institute with around 30 students in total.

She still wears a saree in the same fashion.
Even today she covers her head in front of her elders and when asked if she thinks she is free, she says and I quote

“Of corse I am. Dresses you wear do not decide Your freedom.The way you choose to live your life does. I am not a rebel but I don’t give in. That’s freedom for me”

As I said, she is not a very famous rags to riches personality but definitely one who tells us anything can be done with whatever you have and wherever you are at.

I salute such women who in their own little ways are trying to bring a change in
our patriarchal society.

* * * *

Hello folks,

It is Friday again!!

As you know I am running a special woman’s day theme in the month of march. Expect one on every Friday of this month.

Keep coming for more.

Thank you.

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By- S.R.Pateliya


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