Do we have reasons to celebrate Women’s day?

A lot has been discussed about women’s rights and crimes against women in India these days.

But is anything implemented?

Laws have changed, but the system continues to work as carelessly as it used to.

Women’s day is around the corner. A day to celebrate a woman’s freedom and rights. As we celebrate 106th women’s day this year a lot of questions come to mind.

Are we really independent? Are we treated equal? Are there any significant changes in a life of a woman in general?

By all the hustle bustle and conundrum going around, people’s answer would be a very confident ‘YES’.

But observe a woman closely, especially in the rural areas and you find the real answer.

There are houses where women are forced to cover their heads in a profound show of respect.
Where they are forced to think that the only reason of their existence is to satisfy their men. Whether be it from the basic necessities of food to the physical urges.

The daughters are taught right from their childhood that she has to grow up to be a good wife, a good daughter-in-law. No one teaches her to be a good person first.

Even today families want to see a man’s name in their family tree,  their ‘Ghar ka Chirag’. Even if a son is born after the three or four(unwanted baggage) girls, the daughters have to give up their basic rights of either education and proper upbringing because the parents lack resources to support such a big family.

These men grow up seeing the women giving in and compromising in every walk of life.
It gets etched in their minds that they are more powerful and have more liberty than a woman.

Today all the crimes against women, even the Rape cases are in someway the consequences of this very thought. Most of the cases are not because of any sexual urge, it is the matter of power for a man.

A woman can only be free in real terms if we don’t blindly follow the patriarchal Indian society.

She is a mother, a daughter-in-law, a wife but first of all she is a woman.

She doesn’t have to leave her job because it’s the man’s responsibility, she doesn’t have to do the household chores because the man is the provider.
She will definitely do all those things out of love for her family but not by sacrificing her own self.

When every family understands this, we can celebrate woman’s day in its true essence.

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Hello folks, I am running a special woman’s day theme in the month of march. This the first article. Expect one on every Friday of this month with a special feature on the women’s day.

Keep coming for more.
Thank you.

By- S.R.Pateliya


7 thoughts on “Do we have reasons to celebrate Women’s day?

  1. Wow, what a great post!! So brave and strong and true!! I am not Indian but I live in India, and see all this unjust treatment of women, and coming from a country like Norway, where gender equality is almost taken for granted, this has been shocking to me!


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