When the night comes


Days off,
Dinner cooked, Dresses ironed,
Fed the dog, bed is ready,
Am I ready for the dark?

Night knocks heavily at the door,
Hiding the fear under the bed,
I put on makeup, of smile
And bravery,

I get up to open the door but
Refuse to go. No I can’t.
How can I?

Who will make the morning tea?
Who will feed the dog?
Who will sing the lullabies when
Children can’t sleep at night?
Oh darling you sing so bad!

No I won’t give in, not now,
I can’t. The days off.
But tomorrow or the day after?

Fear crawling out of the bed,
Make up smearing,
Knock, knock!!

I pull the blanket over my face,
Hiding I try to sleep,
Praying it will go away,
After a few more knocks.

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6 thoughts on “When the night comes

    1. The poem is about anything but getting tired of responsibilities. Infact she loves them so much she is not ready to leave them and surrender to night(death).

      Thanks for reading:)


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