When I was on paradise


Sun is out with a toothy smile,
casting soft golden rays on me,
I feel the warmth, I feel the light,
and wake up feeling bright inside.

I yearn to go out for a walk,
The clouds make the path for me,
The silver lining shows the way,
I walk ahead or float I must say.

The morning birds in a group flying,
I look down for a clear view,
The green pastures, the rivers and trees
Look like tiny toys to me.

I come back for a hot shower,
and see a tub with silvery liquid,
I ask the angel guards, they say
It’s the moonlight bath especially for me.

Taking in all the pleasures,
As I step into the silver pool,
I see my skin suddenly glowing,
Like a hundred bulbs lighted within.

I hear a knock, a sound
The loudest this morning,
Irritated I ask “whose it?”
And hear my mom shouting.

It’s been an hour you are in there,
Stop the shower and step out quick,
The meal is ready, so are your clothes,
Aren’t you getting late for office, kid?

The sun was there,
so were the clouds,
But no soft golden rays I see,
Only the red ones with fiery rage,
To punish me for being so late.

By- S.R.Pateliya

Image source: here


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