A letter to the “chaar log” we keep hearing about.

courtsey: www.law.com
courtsey: http://www.law.com

Dear ‘Chaar log’ who have made my life hell,

You don’t know me but I know you very well. Not only have you poked your stupid noses in my life, time and again, you have forced the society to feel that your opinion is all that matters!

I see people constantly trying to impress you, or at least try to remain in your good books.

I don’t understand who gave you the right to become the ultimate judge? Who are you by the way?

Before you start thinking who is this girl and what is she accusing you of, let me give a small incident from my life.

I had lost my smartphone recently (which is like the 5th time) and I was so guilty about it that I decided not to buy a new one until I had punished myself enough.I was using my good old, packed and stashed away Nokia phone for a pretty long time.
But it seems you didn’t like it.

People were like “Are you using that dabba right now? Char log dekhenge to kya kahenge? Can’t your husband buy you a decent phone?”

First of all who gave them the right to tell me which phone to use?

Secondly why is my husband into this?

Does the phone I carry and the dresses I wear show my husband’s financial or social status?

Sadly I know your answer to this.

But let me make myself very clear. I use a particular phone because I like it. I wear a dress because I think it suits me and I feel comfortable in it. Not for you to guess my husband’s income out of it.

That’s not just it.

I was in a social function the other day wearing my favourite saree. It had a deep cut back blouse which I was loving at the moment.

But I guess it’s not in your nature to appreciate people feeling good about themselves.

I heard a group of aunties talking “Look at her. How cheap? Char logon dekhenge to kya kahenge?”
Let me tell you aunty the blouse was anything but cheap.

Do you know how much it cost me?

And if you were talking about the “cheap” cheap then please somebody tell them, that’s fashion!! I was wearing it because I felt beautiful in it, because my husband loved it, not to show some four faceless people you keep talking about.

Yes, I called you four, faceless and may I add spineless too?

Because you never show up, you never take a stand on whatever you have to say.
You speak your mind through these aunties and uncles who somehow have lost their own.

I would be very thankful if you all could, for once stand up and say for yourself. Because I am really tired of looking for the answer for
char log dekhenge to kya kahenge? Please tell me aap log kya kahenge and be done with it.


A girl with a face and mind of her own.

Ps: Char logon dekhenge to kya kahenge– Indian way of saying what would people say?
dabba– Box

By- S.R.Pateliya


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