My Reason to recharge my hair

It was during an evening when all of us were having tea together that suddenly my sister asked,

“Dad, what was the thing about Mom, that attracted you the most?”

And instantly, without having to think about it,  he replied,

“Her hair“.

She has beautiful long hair that she braids into ponytail. We all love and honestly envy her hair a lot.

Thats when I realised hairs actually are girl’s most precious asset. At least I feel so.

Whenever I have to get ready for a party or an evening out, my hairdo takes all of my attention.

I am not at all a makeup loving person. Yes subtle makeup is ok but I hate hiding my original skin under lots and lots of layers.

So I compensate the drama missing on my face with creating one with my hair.

Sometimes I give them a wavy look. I find it more playful and dramatic.

Heres the look.

chinks'  lounge
chinks’ lounge

At times I go with the sleek and straight look thats every girl’s favourite this season.

Chinks’ lounge

I love how just a minor change in hairstyle can make or break a look.

But before I make my hair go through all those rollers and straightening irons, I make sure they are capable of handling these monsters.

(monsters that make you look glamorous ofcorse but not to forget their ill effects)

I don’t need damaged and dull hair because of all these experiments.

And to avoid that I really need to recharge my hair properly.

Now for that I am completely into age old solutions or what you may call “dadima ke nuskhe”.

I believe natural ingredients have the power to eradicate a problem right from their roots unlike those chemical treatments we go through, that lasts only for a few days.

So I went to my Mom to find the secret behind her beautiful hair.

She said she used to apply egg, amla, shikakai on her hair that made it healthy and shine.

But boy! Who has the time for all that now?

But when I came to know about Sunsilk Cocreations that included these natural ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners I just had to try them.

chinks’ lounge

I personally love Sunsilk yellow ( the one with egg in it) as it helps my hair feel softer and smoother than any other product I have tried so far. I am using it since two years and I am completely in love with it.

So yes my reason to recharge my hair?

That when my daughter asks the same question to her father someday, she gets the same answer too.

“Her hair”.

And when she looks at my hair at that time, she totally believes it as I do.

By- S.R.Pateliya

This post is for Recharge your hair contest sponsored by Sunsilk  in association with indiblogger.


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