Haiku- Stubble


Eyes closed, hand

Caressing the face,
Oh! A thorn pricked the finger.
Wait is that stubble?
Husband smiling with
The Looks of a goon,
 No wonder why 
I hate that unclean stubble.
In the office,
The project goes to someone else
Someone who is professional
Or at least looks like one.
With tie shoes and 
Hairstyle proper, 
Shirt tucked in and a narrow belt,
Clean shaven face for sure.
Your baby cries,
When you kiss him on cheeks,
Or even when you cuddle him. 
The stubble irritates his soft skin.
So much to lose,
Just for that stubble,
Neither the babies nor the girls,
Like that masculine  sign symbol of yours.
****************** ****************** ******************** **********
Men think keeping stubble makes them look more masculine.
But guys wake up!!
It looks like you haven’t bathed. It shows you are too lazy and it gives an image of you thats not of a gentleman at all.
 If you want to impress a girl, or need to make an impression at your office, you need to get rid of that smelly stubble.
Women hate it. So much so that they had to protest against it!!
A clean shaven face looks a lot more cuter and sexier than the one with that smelly stubble. So what are you waiting for,
Keep it clean 
Keep it stylish!!


This post is in response to the tag from someone is special.
for protest against unclean stubble activity in association with blogadda.

I tag Amar in return.

This is my second entry for PAUS.
Read the first one here.


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