From a makeover to a life partner.

Once upon a time when,
A carefree tomboy I used to be,
Friends and bunking classes were,
All the things that mattered to me.

I had more guy friends than girls,
You were my only bestie,
Then one day when I had a date,
I was nervous and all messy.

Shopping we went the other day,
From dresses to colourful lipsticks,
You were head bound for a makeover,
That will surprise both him and me.

Those sandals that made me
double the height, i still remember,
‘oh my god, you are so beautiful’,you chirped,
when a dress flaunted my shoulder.

Then came the night before the date,
And your 101 skin care rules went on,
”The skin should be clean and soft,
before you put your makeup on.”

You gave me a white bar,
To wash my face that night,
My skin felt so supple and soft,
The magic of dove was a beautiful sight.

© chinks lounge

Years have passed by, I still recall,
The day I met my now husband,
And the magic of dove continues
To rule by beauty regimen.

This post is for the dove guessing the game with a friend contest in association with indiblogger.

By- S.R.Pateliya


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