The stubble sansani

Come december with all its festivities, and my inner child wakes up from its hibernation.
The winters, Christmas, New year eve, family get-together. I love everything about this month.

It’s a tradition in my family that every year, we all get together for a week and catch up with everybody. All the uncles, aunt, nephews, however busy they may be in their lives, have to take a week’s leave and gather in our old farmhouse. It’s fun.

This one was my first after marriage. We were really excited.

This week had been too busy for the husband. He had been so caught up with his work that he didnt get time to even shave and groom himself properly. I hate that unclean stubble but didn’t say anything. He was too tired to listen to my complaints.

Next morning we were to leave and suddenly it occurred to me that we had forgotten to buy a gift for my nephew, Svayam!!

He is six years old. A talkative kiddo with a great sense of humour. We are very close and he always expects a gift from me whenever we met

Next day we got ready in a hurry to buy a gift along the way to the airport.

The husband again got an excuse for not shaving.

When we reached and entered the main door, Svayam pointed his finger towards us and started mimicking the Sansani anchor:

image “Gaur se dekhiye ye aadmi. Badi dadhi badha ke ye khunkhar aadmi bhole bhale bacchon ko daraata hai. Chain se sona hai to jag jayiye aur is aadmi ki shaving karvaiye”

Everybody started laughing but I realised not only women, children too don’t like stubble.

And the first thing the husband did after getting there?

Of course! He shaved.

Protest Against Unclean Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

I would like to tag Swati, Harsha, Arti, indian writer, and Garima

By- S.R.Pateliya


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