If only


On those silent nights when
our hearts ached for those lovely talks
But ego refused to give up,
I waited for you to turn back,

And look at me, my face, my eyes
They said what my lips couldn’t
Begging you to hold me tight
I was just a turn away.

Maybe I was wrong,
Maybe I should have come to you
Would you have understood me?
It takes two to fill the gap.

I am waiting for those times when
A simple sorry dissolved it all
A tear filled your heart with love
A smile undid all the wrongs.

If only I got a second chance,
If only you ask the same from me,
Can those times be brought back,
Can that love resurrect again?

By- Sweety Pateliya


2 thoughts on “If only

  1. Touching poem, Sweety. wish we could take time back and things would be right. Nice words.
    You know what?
    You can submit this for the Write Tribe for this week- Prompt is- I’d Do Things Differently


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