All that glitters is not gold

Mesmerised with those lovely eyes
I follow the graceful gait,
Transferred into a world not real,
Her beauty was a bait.

One smile and my beats go crazy,
Thump thump, I hear them loud,
Ripples of pleasure in my body,
Runs all over like a wild hound.

I live in the neighbourhood, she says
Difficult it is to trust,
But the mind stops working,
When the heart has a lust.

She caresses my arm, And lifts my hand,
Gestures me to walk with her,
My limbs move like a puppet,
She the string holder.

We walk past a few block,
A sharp turn towards the right,
The dark alley indicates,
I am going to get lucky tonight.

At some point where, not a soul is seen,
Just a single ray of light,
She pushes me against a wall,
Her angelic face etched in my mind.

Suddenly I feel the temperature rising,
Her glowing face melting,
To my horror, I see a huge snake,
Wrapped around me hissing.

A shapeshifter in real?
Even before I sink this in,
She winds me a bit more tight,
And, I Feel my bones crushing.

All of a sudden, I see a blinding light,
White it was all around,
In a second it was dark again,
the snake was nowhere to be found.

Till this day I do not know,
If the snake pitied me or God,
But I have learnt my lesson well,
All that glitters is not gold.



this is my take on famous well known proverb. What is yours?

Anything. A haiku, a one liner, jingle or any scribble that comes to your mind.


By-Sweety Pateliya


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